The Obama administration made America unsafe intentionally.

Instead of focusing on the real threat of Muslim terrorism, Obama portrayed Muslims as peace-seeking and pious. 

Donald Trump called Obama out for not saying “radical Islamist”. NBC explained,

Obama and his secretary of state, John Kerry, have said that they don’t use terms like “Islamic extremism” or “radical Islam” because they believe doing so would grant undeserved religious legitimacy to terrorist movements such as the Islamic State. Citing Islam as a factor risks framing counterterrorism as a war between the West and Islam, they have said.

Obama then modified FBI anti-terrorism documents to present a “kinder gentler” Muslim.

Even Lefist PolitiFact verified this information:

We found the FBI did rescind training material during the Obama administration — but it was less than 1 percent of 160,000 pages of training documents that were found to contain information that was factually inaccurate, imprecise or used stereotypes.

The review came after media reports show that training material included claims identifying “mainstream” American Muslims as “likely to be terrorist sympathizers.”

The Arab American Institute said the documents “crudely” depicted Arab Americans and American Muslims “as threatening, irrational, or otherwise abnormal.”

Here’s what we know about the FBI’s review and rescinded documents.

Clearly, Islamic terrorism is one of America’s biggest threats. Yet for years Obama and his minions blamed something very different.

Finally, President Trump has put an end to the nonsense of the previous administration. Thus, according to The Federalist,

The Trump administration will reverse course from previous Obama administration policy, eliminating climate change from a list of national security threats. The National Security Strategy to be released on Monday will emphasize the importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection, according to a source who has seen the document and shared excerpts of a late draft.

“Climate policies will continue to shape the global energy system,” a draft of the National Security Strategy slated to be released on Monday said. “U.S. leadership is indispensable to countering an anti-growth, energy agenda that is detrimental to U.S. economic and energy security interests. Given future global energy demand, much of the developing world will require fossil fuels, as well as other forms of energy, to power their economies and lift their people out of poverty.”

This matches President Trump’s vision, sometimes shared using his trademark hyperbole, that the United States needs to emphasize national security and economic growth over climate change.

As I have said of President Trump, he’s practical and very astute.

To fight radical Islam, the president will do three things.

First, he will attack ISIS with the full might of the US military. In exercising that strategy, he has ISIS on the run.

We reported recently that ISIS is dramatically shrinking.

“For approximately three weeks, the coalition launched 52 airstrikes to help shape the battlefield and force ISIS into a position from which they would fall. The importance of this tactical move is epic, as ISIS relinquished the territory. They’ve been downgraded to a terrorist insurgency. Their eventual defeat is all but guaranteed.

More than 1,000 ISIS fighters surrendered to the coalition. Because of this victory, the military estimates that over four million Iraqis were liberated and approximately 16,000 square miles were freed.”

And his policy of “seek and destroy” will continue for the next 7 years.

Second, the president expects the world to participate in this fight.

On his visit to the Middle East, President Trump returned with a $350 billion arms deal. The United States sold the Saudis major weapons systems, and made it clear that they share in the responsibility to fight terrorism. The same is true of other Arab nations. This may be the best move in at least 3 decades in the war on global terror.

Third, President Trump knows that a strong US economy is the best weapon. If you want to do business with the US, you must fight terror. America represents almost 25 percent of the world market. Under President Trump that number will grow.

Now that we are no longer encumbered by global climate farce, America is free to innovate.

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