TRUMP SLURS SPEECH: Leftists Hope He’s Dying

TRUMP SLURS SPEECH: Leftists Hope He’s Dying

No one can doubt that President Trump burns the candle at both ends.

He’s done so, since he defeated Hillary Clinton. And he never seems to slow down.

In his speech on Jerusalem, his speech was noticeably slurred at parts of the speech, and certainly at the end.

CNN wrote of the speech,

While President Donald Trump was giving his historic speech Wednesday to announce that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, some on the internet focused on the manner in which he made his statement.

Toward the end of the news conference, some on Twitter and Facebook noted that the President’s usual speech pattern changed and that he started to slur his words — and they speculated about what it could mean.

The official term for slurred speech is dysarthria, when the muscles you use to speak weaken or you have a hard time completely controlling their use.

Admittedly, if I saw Hillary Clinton give a speech like this, I would question what’s going on. So I can’t blame CNN for noticing and reporting on this.

Undoubtedly, President Trump showed no other signs of distress, like Hillary Clinton did when she almost passed out while waiting on her car.

Deny, deny, deny. That’s the Clinton Way. I predicted the stress of this campaign would eventually catch up with Hillary Clinton.

It apparently has. Clinton fainted during the 9-11 ceremony in New York, and was rushed to the hospital.


There is no brushing this off as an “allergy.” As Clinton waited on her motorcade to leave the event “earlier than expected,” she did a “louie” off the curb. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Clinton ended up under one of the vehicles. It was reported that she lost her shoe, and a second Secret Service detail came later to retrieve it.

Supposedly Clinton was rushed to some elitist hospital for treatment. Inquiring minds now want to know, “How will the Left attempt to spin this?”

As for President Trump, he certainly appears healthy as a horse outside of the slurring.

So there is at least one other possibility.

Periodically I get mouth sores. And those “som bitches” hurt like hell. They actually can change the way you speak. I’m not saying the president has mouth sores, because that would add fuel to the speculation of the Left.

From this vantage point, I think he had an issue with his mouth, and not dysarthria. Regardless, I hope President Trump gets some R&R, and comes back batteries fully charged. He has 7 more years to lead.





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