PRISON: The Latest Location for Leftist Sex Scandals

PRISON: The Latest Location for Leftist Sex Scandals

How about prison for the latest Weinstein movie?

The plot: An adventurous Leftist defense attorney travels from prison to prison “sexing up” female inmates. We all know by now that Weinstein has an endless supply of young actresses he could cast for the role. 

As for the leading man, what about newcomer to the sex scandal game, attorney Andrew Spark?

While some men fret their interactions with women, wondering if their hands were too low on a woman’s back during a group photo, other men expose themselves sexually as part of their work day.

Check out the latest sex scandal in America’s Leftist dens of iniquity: prisons. According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, detectives were recently tipped off about a prison sex ring.

Apparently, a Florida lawyer wanted to join the Weinstein’s Hollyweirdos with his homemade adult film titled “Girls in Jail.”

Anthony Spark visited women in jail who weren’t his clients and paid them for sex.

Shauna Boselli, a 25-year-old inmate, decided to blow the whistle on Spark. According to Boseli, she resisted Sparks offered to deposit money in her commissary in exchange for oral sex.

Nevertheless, Spark wasn’t phased by her rejection. In fact, he’d already hooked up with other women the very same day.

As Fox News reports:

Detectives confirmed that Spark met privately with 28-year-old inmate Antoinette Napolitano that same day.  After investigating, deputies say the two actually had sex inside the Pinellas County Jail at least six times between June 2017 and December 2017.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said Monday that Spark would begin his “interview” by filming Napolitano in her jail uniform and ask her to narrate sexual fantasies before filming her performing sexual acts.

When they got word that Spark was scheduled to arrive at the Pinellas County Jail to meet with Napolitano on Sunday, detectives say they entered the attorney visitation room and caught him with Napolitano just as the two were about to begin a sexual act. Spark’s penis was “fully exposed” when detectives entered the room, the sheriff noted.

Indecent Proposals

If Spark gets jail time for his clearly criminal act, he may get a lot more sex than he bargained for.

So far, Spark was charged with exposure of sexual organs, introduction/possession of contraband into a county detention facility, and soliciting for prostitution.

Sadly, Spark will likely walk away with a slap on the wrist. Because he knows the sad truth of our justice system. It’s often just a fancy game of Let’s Make A Deal.

Thus, after refusing to speak to detectives, Spark lawyered up. Then he posted a $5,300 bond.

Now that Spark has returned home, mums the world about his situation. Apparently, Spark can keep his mouth shut, but not his pants up.

The Victim List

Florida officials are trying to piece together a victim list. So far, they know one of Spark’s “co-stars” started receiving payments about three years ago. Since then, Spark rotated in and out of several Florida jails. There’s no telling how wide the investigation ranges.

Hopefully, investigators find enough to escalate the charges against Spark. It would be a real shame for Spark to miss out on living that prison fantasy life.

And on a side note, maybe some of America’s lecherous politicians will join him.






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