Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel BILKS $5 Million from Taxpayers

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel BILKS $5 Million from Taxpayers

It pays to be a big city mayor.

As long as you’re a Democrat, there is always a slush fund in case of emergency. Check out Rahm Emanuel’s piggy bank.

According to the Sun Times,

Since the J. Geils Band left the stage on Dec. 19, 1981, Chicago’s fabled Uptown Theatre has remained dark, waiting for someone with deep pockets to pay for a massive renovation.

Jerry Mickelson, the legendary concert promoter who owns the theater, thought he’d found an angel: the Chicago Infrastructure Trust, a not-for-profit agency Mayor Rahm Emanuel created with great fanfare five years ago to find private investors willing to bankroll public improvement projects.

Three years ago, Mickelson struck a deal to give up ownership of the Uptown as part of a $125 million plan to restore the cavernous theater to its original opulence — a proposal to be partially financed with a $10 million grant from the state of Illinois and $5 million from the city of Chicago.

But Gov. Bruce Rauner put the kibosh on a number of state grants, including the Uptown deal, which had been shepherded through the Illinois Legislature by Senate President John Cullerton, a partner in a law firm that Mickelson uses to challenge the property taxes on the padlocked theater.

Then, City Hall pulled the plug on the project, scrapping the signed deal with Mickelson and also dumping the trust’s chief executive officer and replacing its entire staff.

So essentially Rahm Emanuel’s charity is a scam.

The claim for his charity to privately fund various projects equates to his promise to make Chicago safer.

And what put the fly in the ointment occurred when the governor pulled the grants headed Emanuel’s way. Without funds, Emanuel had to fire his cronies.

Worse yet, he will now have to find new deals for the Mafia, and other organized crime outfits who would have gotten a cut of the renovation project.

Let’s see how much media coverage this deal gets.


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