When Judge Roy Moore Wins Rub It in Democrats’ FACES

When Judge Roy Moore Wins Rub It in Democrats’ FACES

A Roy Moore win won’t be about Donald Trump. His win will speak to the nature of Leftism.

When the intolerant Left don’t get what they want, they cheat…PERIOD!

The Left want to control the Senate. And not because they are any good when they do. Look at what happened under Obama when the Left was in charge. These morons are the dog who actually catches the car. After damn near losing a leg, the dog finally realizes how stupid it was to chase the car in the first place.

Moore’s victory validates what began during the Trump campaign. It will signify that the lamestream media industrial complex has no power over the masses.

Conservatives are now unphased by Leftist fake news. And Leftists have tired of the same old battle cries: racism, sexism, and “insert phobia here”.

As Hot Air reports,

Today is the last full day of campaigning in the Alabama special Senate election and the Real Clear Politics polling average has Roy Moore up by 3.8. Of all the polls they track, none has shown Doug Jones with a lead since November 30th, and that one was inside the margins. Yesterday, Allahpundit predicted Moore would win by 7. Personally, I have no idea and still wouldn’t put any bitcoins on it. A special election held two weeks before Christmas where voters are expressing so much disgust with the entire system could still produce record low turnout which could allow anything to happen.

But even in a best case scenario for Doug Jones, there’s general agreement among the chattering class that one thing is true. Jones will still have to overperform compared to normal expectations for a Democrat to a huge degree. In addition to either flipping a significant number of white voters or at least getting them to stay home, he’ll need an Obama-level turnout of the black vote. So has he made the sale in that demographic? One could argue that his team has been generating self-inflicted wounds instead.

Hot Air nailed it. The Left want to believe that ordinary America shares in the Left’s “resistance”. They don’t.

But then again, what is the resistance?

The real resistance is what the Left sees happening. Donald Trump unraveling the knots tied by Obama and his ilk. And where does one begin?

The us against them climate left by Obama is shameful. Black versus white, rich versus poor, woman versus man. No segment of society went untainted by Obama putrid administration.

Despite Obama’s bragging about the economy, he proved himself an economic imbecile. Everything Obama said in his famous “magic wand” speech proved that point.

President Trump has not only kept businesses in America he’s brought them back. But what he’s done more than anything is teach establishment Republicans that sticking to one’s guns wins elections.

Conservatives have tired of moral victories. Now we demand actual victories. And Roy Moore’s victory will remind Leftists of just how bad things are for them.

Those swing state voters who abandoned Hillary Clinton choosing Trump instead are going nowhere. In case Leftists missed the memo, President Trump rocks. From sea to shining sea.

And he will soon have another Conservative senator to join him.

The Left will spend the next year demonizing Roy Moore. Nonetheless, Moore will ignore them, a tactic Leftists detest. Moore will help the president pass his agenda, and the nation will be better for it.

The resistance will win again on Tues. But it won’t how the Left planned it.





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