Schumer and Pelosi GET PUNKED by President Trump

Schumer and Pelosi GET PUNKED by President Trump

In the video on CNBC, the commentator said that the White House requested the meeting with Senate Minority Leader Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Do you believe that?

The Democratic leaders canceled another meeting late last month after Trump tweeted that he does not “see a deal” with “Chuck and Nancy” to avoid a government shutdown. The White House and McConnell and Ryan accused the Democrats of grandstanding.

While meeting with McConnell and Ryan later that day, Trump left two chairs empty with Schumer’s and Pelosi’s names in front of them.

But now we are supposed to believe that President Trump asked them to meet?


President Donald Trump is giving “Chuck and Nancy” another shot.

Democratic congressional leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on Monday said they accepted the president’s invitation to meet about year-end legislative priorities. The pair will meet with Trump, as well as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, on Thursday.

In case the Left haven’t noticed, President Trump is rolling.

In wake of the scandals hitting Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s team, President Trump’s prospects look good. Mueller has little choice but to stop his witch hunt, and now turn the investigation on the FBI itself.

Ironically, the president tweeted on this very subject, drawing the ire of Leftists all over the country. Then we find out that Peter Strzok is a central figure in the erroneous exoneration of Hillary Clinton and much of her staff.

Then came news of the Supreme Court upholding President Trump’s almost identical travel ban to Obama’s.

Finally, it looks like the president will get his tax reform bill passed, despite fighting within his own party.

If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t bet against President Trump. The man has the Midas touch.

Consider that the stock market is 6,000 points above where it was on election day. And to think the Democrats predicted the economy would crash? That’s the same lame cry Pelosi made about the president’s tax plan, and that too will be a success.

Consider what Obama did to America, doubling the debt and running untenable budgets deficits. Don’t think the public is too stupid to notice, although don’t think the Democrats will admit that.

The reason the Democrats lost on November 8, 2016 is the same reason they are losing now. And it’s the same reason they will lose big in November of 2018.

Back to the Trump’s economy.

The market has set over 80 records in less than a year, with no end in sight. Don’t be surprised to see the market crest 25,000 by the end of the year.

Retail was brutalized under Obama, but not in the Trump economy. Just recently Macy’s and JC Penney got significant gains due to record Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

And what about that GDP?

Two quarters of over 3 percent growth in GDP, an accomplishment Obama never achieved. Unemployment at record lows, and all because President Trump knows how to create jobs…real jobs. In his first year, President Trump has created over 1,000,000 jobs.

The good news is everywhere and in all sectors. We aren’t talking “bean picker” jobs either.

Even Leftist Apple is bringing cash and manufacturing back to America. IBM will add 25,000 jobs over 4 years. Alibaba committed to one MILLION jobs.

U.S. Steel fired up new facilities, and added 150 much needed jobs at their former scuttled Madison, IL facility on their initial announcement. Next, Dow Chemical added an innovation center in Michigan, and approximately 200 good jobs.

Ford and GM committed to leaving plants in the United States, following the move of Carrier.

And what of President Trump’s Asia visit.

Every time the man travels, he brings America presents. In the last trip America got a $250 billion trade package. Perhaps more importantly, China agreed to lower tariffs on 187 products from around 17.3 percent to 7.7 percent on average.

New markets for new products.

The only move Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi could make is to meet with the man who has made a mockery of the previous administration. And he’s just getting started.



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