Sex Sting: What Disney has in common with Hollywood

Sex Sting: What Disney has in common with Hollywood

In what looks like Democrats at a Weinstein movie premier, Disney finds itself embroiled in a sex scandal.

As I remind people almost daily, Leftists put their wants in your face. And in the case of Leftists Disney and its employees, they want access to your children.

As The Daily Mail reports,

At least 35 Disney World employees have been arrested since 2006 over alleged child sex offences, an investigation has revealed.

The suspects included a ticket seller, a concierge and a trainee tour guide at the Florida resort – and even a night shift manager accused of watching child porn at work while he wrote a church sermon.

Police caught many in stings modelled on the TV show To Catch a Predator, with undercover officers receiving explicit messages before the suspects agreed to meet at a home rigged with cameras.

Hiding in plain sight.

The latest round of arrests last week netted another 13 suspects, including four who at some point worked at the sprawling Magic Kingdom.

Disney has insisted the theme park is so large, with around 70,000 employees, that those arrested represent only 0.01 per cent of people it has employed since 2006.

It appears Disney wants to use the argument that they have too many employees, and it’s just a small number of bad guys.

Well, is not one molested child one child too many?

Why doesn’t Disney have more stringent requirements for its employees? After all, they are in the business of entertaining children?

But Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said paedophiles have obvious reasons for wanting to work at the resort and wants compulsory ‘lie detector’ polygraph tests for staff to be made legal.

The toll of Disney workers arrested was revealed after a six-month investigation by¬†CNN’s Kyra Phillips and Scott Zamost.

They tracked down many of the suspects still facing trial including 50-year-old Robert Kingsolver, who was employed as a ride repair worker by Disney when he was arrested in February.

Would you feel comfortable letting your child roam free at a Disney park? Well you should!

But that’s not the case in Paedotopia, now is it!

Nothing is safe where Leftists dwell. Your kids are not safe in Hollywood, nor are they safe watching what Hollywood produces. Leftism grooms kids to be used by powerful people.

I’m equally critical of academia. Again, another Leftist grooming ground for child victims.

Disney purports itself to be a wholesome adventure. As we now know, that’s not the truth. So if you visit Disney, keep a watchful eye on your kids. Because if you don’t, somebody at Disney will.


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