SHOCKING: Anti-Gambling Democrat Caught in Gambling Corruption Sting

SHOCKING: Anti-Gambling Democrat Caught in Gambling Corruption Sting

The revelations about Democrats being scoundrels come with regularity these days.

They bully people in jobs. Yet Democrats claim to fight against bullying.

The bullies have minions who cover for their criminal activities like that of Weinstein, Spacey, and many other lecherous Leftists. Yet, these very same Leftists will say they protect women and children.

Leftists fight for gun-control, while they get their licenses to carry.

And now we have yet another lie of the Left, as a Democrat who supposedly fought against illegal gambling gets sentenced on corruption charges for, you guessed it…gambling!

As Fox News reports,

Former Pennsylvania state Rep. Marc Gergely – who resigned last month – is awaiting sentencing next week on corruption charges in relation to an illegal gambling machine ring.

Gergely, 48, a Democrat from Allegheny County who served in the state House for seven terms, is set to appear in court Monday for his sentencing on charges of conspiracy and violating the state’s campaign finance laws on cash contributions.

He was forced to step down from his state House seat in November as a condition of a plea deal he entered in August for the two misdemeanor charges.

Gergely was accused of working in tandem with liquor attorney Louis Caputo and using his position to enrich and “protect” Ronald “Porky” Melocchi – a former owner of video gaming machines.

He reportedly exerted his influence to convince business owners, skeptical of gambling, to install machines owned by Melocchi.

A politician, a lawyer, and a mobster walk into a bar…The bartender says, “Where’s Hillary?!”

So it’s bad enough this guy passed himself off as a stand-up politician. But he went further.

The article continues,

In addition to conspiracy charges, Gergely was also accused of passing along a contribution from Melocchi to another individual – in violation of the state’s campaign finance laws on anonymous or third-party contributions, the Post-Gazette reported.

Caputo was found guilty of criminal solicitation last summer and sentenced to five years of probation. Melocchi pleaded guilty in 2015 to charges of being involved with corrupt organizations and gambling devices. He was sentenced to 10 years of probation.

The Democrats expose themselves daily, and not just in the “Hollyweird” way.

How many more stories of corruption will it take to embarrass these clowns? If I were a Democrat, I’d go to the nearest Catholic church and steal enough Holy Water to wash my sins away, including the theft of the Holy Water.

These people elected the most corrupt fraud in history in Barack Obama. And amazingly, after all the revelations of what Hillary Clinton and her organized crime family did, Democrats still wanted to elected that witch.

The Left have begun scuttling the ship in preparation for the 2018 midterms. Nothing will save them now, however. Far too many people know exactly what lies within their cores–darkness.


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