Trump POKES FUN at Obama’s Little Economy

Trump POKES FUN at Obama’s Little Economy

Holy Mother of Ben Dover, President Trump’s economy is grabbing Obama’s economy by its tiny little balls, and laughing!

Or perhaps the economy is one of those groupies that wants President Trump to grab it by the p*ssy?

Because let’s face it. Trump’s economy is BOOMING! Keep in mind that President Trump’s economy booms despite facing two hurricanes.

According to the Commerce Department, the U.S. economy grew robustly in the third quarter despite two hurricanes, propelled by steady spending from American businesses and households.

Steady spending buoyed by the highest consumer confidence in a decade.

Earlier the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of goods and services made in the U.S., was thought to have expanded at a 3 percent annual rate in July through September. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had projected a 2.7 percent gain. However, in effect, the GDP grew at 3.3 percent.

This marks the economy’s best six-month stretch since mid-2014. And you can expect things to continue to improve.

The Dow soared 332 points on Thursday as investors cheered signs that the Senate is making progress on a package of tax cuts. The 1.4% surge was the Dow’s best since March 1.

The latest market milestone occurred barely a month after the Dow hit 23,000.

It’s yet more evidence of excitement among investors about the strengthening economy and record corporate profits that could be bolstered by the GOP plan to slash corporate taxes. The tax cut plan received critical support on Thursday from Republican Senator John McCain.

The Dow has spiked nearly 6,000 points since President Trump’s election last year, notching 80 daily record highs since then.

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq are also near all-time highs. The latter is up a whopping 30% since the election.

“Investors are feeling golden,” said Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA Research. “Until you get signs that this economy is likely to roll over and die, investors believe stocks remain the place to be.”

Now the Dow is comfortably above 24,000. And it would not surprise anybody if the Dow past 25,000 before year end.

But the Left have their doubts. Check out what they said only 6 months ago:

Trump’s budget forecasts 3% growth every year from 2021 to 2027. Obama’s budgets never assumed such strong economic growth over an extended period of time.

“There’s no comparison,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “The Obama projections were very similar to the Congressional Budget Office forecasts at that time. The Trump economic projections are pure fiction, not in line with any model of how the economy works.”

Reaching 3% growth would be a significant achievement. Growth has averaged less than 2% a year since 2001. It only hit 3% in 2004 and 2005 as the housing bubble inflated. The Trump forecasts are not only more bullish than recent history, they’re well above the 1.9% long-term annual growth rate forecast used by the CBO.

Obama budgets never got to 3 percent, so how could he possibly forecast as much. Moreover, the man who thought President Trump would need a magic wand obviously blinded economists to the potential within the U.S. economy.

Obama conceded that some jobs would never come back to the U.S. President Trump proved him wrong with Carrier, and he’s gone on to prove him wrong elsewhere.

How one could not be optimistic about the American economy under President Trump.

With jobs, how many has Trump created already? Over a million jobs created in the same period where Obama lost millions. And Trump creates great jobs.

Over the past several decades, the U.S. has lost millions of high paying manufacturing jobs — 5 million since 2000 alone. Bringing jobs back to America became a cornerstone of President Donald Trump’s election campaign. And post-campaign, President Trump delivered on that promise announcing high-profile announcements of new U.S. jobs.

Apple is bringing manufacturing back to the United States. Bayer agreed to leave 9,000 jobs at Monsanto in the U.S. and create 3,000 more high-tech jobs. Even Trump-hating Jeff Bezos of Amazon says he’s creating 100,000 in-country jobs.

Ford will leave its plant in the U.S. and is investing in existing infrastructure. IBM will fill 25,000 jobs over the next 4 years. In short, I could go on.

And President Trump is a wizard of making foreign visits and bringing back the bacon.

He went to Saudi Arabia and brought back $350 billion dollars of agreements. Further, President Trump made it clear to the Saudis and other Middle Eastern countries that they will need to reign in terrorism, not us. Imagine the savings to American taxpayers when we no longer have to fight terrorism by ourselves.

And what of President Trump making NATO countries carry their own water? Again, America can save trillions of dollars by shifting our focus from the war on terror to America’s economy.

America’s New Trade Policy: We will go it alone

On his visit to Asia recently, the president brought be $250 billion in trade deals. And in what will undoubtedly have a serious impact on the stock market, China agreed to reduce tariffs significantly on 187 products.

The problem the Left has is recognizing competence.

So America is due for a renewal. Nowhere in the world thinks like us. And that is America’s strength. Our ingenuity is unencumbered by thoughts of failure. That is the American spirit. And that what will Make America Great Again!







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