Trump Skipped this Leftist Event and it TANKED!

My team abides by our responsibility to help Leftists. These brain-dead morons are helpless without us.

And in performing our civic duty, we warn Leftists DAILY to stop bashing President Trump. 

In their recent decision not to attend the Kennedy Center Honors, the president and First Lady were gracious. Simply put, the duo had much better things to do. Who wants to watch a bunch of Leftists honor a bunch of other Leftists with meaningless drivel.

And when President Trump doesn’t show up, the show fails.

As The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Kennedy Center Honors broadcast on tape-delay on Tuesday in prime time by CBS received its lowest TV ratings since 1987, Deadline reported on Thursday. President Donald Trump announced earlier this year he would not attend the December 3 awards ceremony, nor hold a White House reception, after several liberals being honored, including Norman Lear, said they would boycott the White House reception for the honorees. It was the most public snub of a president by a Kennedy Center honoree since Paul McCartney canceled on George W. Bush, rescheduling his award when Barack Obama was president.

Ask if Trump cares about such nonsense.

But neither did the American people.

The Tuesday 9-11 PM broadcast fumbled 28% of last year’s 8.620 million total viewers, to 6.169 million. The demo dive: 30% from last year’s 1.0 rating to 0.7. The 2006 telecast ran on the same Tuesday, December 27, though the extra day between the broadcast and Christmas might have benefited last year’s broadcast by separating it further from holiday distractions and travel

But don’t expect the fake news media to tell you the truth.

Check out USA Today’s headline: No Trumps, no problems at 2017 Kennedy Center Honors

The President’s Box at the Kennedy Center Opera House was heavy on the stars but light on the presidents Sunday night, as the 40th annual honors ceremony went without its customary appearance by the White House occupant.

But the show, honoring dancer Carmen de Lavallade, singers Gloria Estefan and Lionel Richie, rapper LL Cool J and TV writer/producer Norman Lear, went off without a hitch.

Guests seemed unfazed by the missing first family, whom the White House announced in August would cancel the traditional reception at 1600 Pennsylvania and skip the ceremony after Lear and de Lavallade said they would boycott the presidential meet-and-greet.

“I’m thankful he chose not to come,” Estefan said on the red carpet of the president’s decision. “All it does is overshadow the accomplishments of people who spent a lifetime trying to do something.”

Remind me who Gloria Estefan is again?

Many Americans like me await the day when Hollywood and entertainers drive over their grandparents to attend anything President Trump does. Soon, the Leftist clowns will push each other off cliffs to perform for the man.

And I will write about them.


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