If Only President Trump Had Tweeted ‘Kill the Jews’

If Only President Trump Had Tweeted ‘Kill the Jews’

The Left claim to fight against “hate speech”. However their outrage is as selective as those they criticize on Twitter.

If Donald Trump tweets about a politician willing to do anything for a donation, the Left go crazy. Like politicians aren’t willing to do anything for money. For the left, Trump’s innuendo “slut-shamed” the politician in question.

In the same week that America’s media was obsessed with such nonsense, Turkish dictator Erdogan made this comment about Jews:

“[T]hose who think they own Jerusalem better know that tomorrow they won’t be able to hide behind trees,” Erdogan said, according to a translation by dissident Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt.

How’s that for innuendo?

Erdogan threatened Israel, and hardly a peep from the media.

To put this in perspective, imagine if Trump had said this of North Korea?

The Left would have accused him of being a war monger or worse. Trump would be called racist against Koreans and a xenophobe, to boot. A hothead, bent on the destruction of the world.

Such are the Left and Erdogan. Bozkurt wrote,

“[This is] a veiled threat of killing each and every Jew with a shocking reference to apocalyptic prophecy of tree story.”

Last year, Erdogan shut down Bozkurt’s former newspaper, Today’s Zaman, which had Turkey’s largest circulation.

As United With Israel reported,

The full hadith says: “The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews, and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: ‘Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him;’ but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

Erdogan invoked the passage during a Justice and Development Party (AKP) gathering on Sunday, just days after President Trump proclaimed Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital and pledged to move the US embassy there. Erdogan also accused Israel of being a terrorist state.

Again, hate-filled rhetoric, which the Left claims to detest. While President Trump recognizes Israel’s capitol, Erdogan declares Israel a terrorist state.

And in further irony, Turkey is a NATO partner to America.

You can bet America’s leftist media privately cheered Erdogan’s speech. This is why they refuse to write about what he said. Nor will they report of Turkey harboring and funding Hamas terrorists. Further, Turkey provided covert support to ISIS and other jihadists in Syria, and bombed Kurdish civilians under the watchful eye of Erdogan.

The article continues,

But Erdogan is more interested in appealing to his base’s anti-Semitic sentiments than inspiring foreign jihadis to fight Israel, Bozkurt told the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) via Twitter. The dictator’s comments also distract the Turkish public from the New York trial of an Iranian gold trader named Reza Zarrab and Turkish banker Mehmet Hakan Atilla, who — witnesses testified — worked with Erdogan to circumvent oil sanctions against Iran, Bozkurt said.

“It is a noise that will distract [the] public from damaging revelations going on in the US federal court where [Erdogan] was exposed for what he is: Corrupt, sanction buster, greedy politician,” Bozkurt said.

Anti-Semitism has always been in the background in Turkish society, but Bozkurt said that this marks one of the first times that Turkey’s head of state has publicly been involved with fueling it.

When does the world and the media start reporting on the hatred of the Muslim community?

Are Conservatives the only people willing to hold people to standards?


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