Univ of Michigan Students Want ‘Diversity Pay’

Univ of Michigan Students Want ‘Diversity Pay’

Every heard of paying people for “diversity”?

Yes you have. It occurs every day as the race pimps have conditioned America to pay people for an array of diversity. Truth be told, many people who fall under the category of diversity wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for affirmative action.

That’s not an endorsement of the legislation. In fact, it’s more a condemnation.

Many employees hired for diversity are horrible workers. They rely on their status as a woman or black or whatever to help them keep their job. Far too many good workers are cut for the sake of keeping the “diversity” in companies.

And now it’s getting worse. As Campus Reform reports,

Students at the University of Michigan are demanding that the school pay more students to do “diversity labor,” saying the six students already employed aren’t nearly enough.

In April, at least 250 students staged a sit-in at the school to advocate for paid diversity labor, according to The Michigan Daily, which resulted in the school hiring six graduate students, who now receive $9,868 per semester their work.

But the school’s Graduate Employees Organization (GEO), which represents numerous graduate students, is now calling for the school to hire at least 23 students, with Jennifer Piedmont, the head of the GEO’s diversity committee, telling Campus Reform that making the school “survivable” requires more diversity labor.

Diversity labor, she said, is “about making the campus climate more livable, and survivable,” adding that graduate students should be compensated for everything they do to “survive and thrive in their departments” while fighting “against enduring structures of oppression or stratification” on campus.

Survivable? What is the University of Michigan, Navy SEAL BUDs school?

Of course not. But these days unless these students all receive “A”s for merely being, they complain.

Consider what these knuckleheads are asking for. They can’t get through a university curriculum without “diversity labor”? If I ran the school, I would expel any student requesting or requiring such nonsense.

What the hell has this country become when people empowered to help young men and women enter adulthood succumb to treating them like children.

College has become over-priced daycare. But maybe there is good news.

The article continues,

If the administration agrees to the GEO’s demands, Piedmont hopes that more students will be hired to conduct “diversity labor,” including “teach-ins, research on department climate and solution evaluation, curricula development,” and holding “office-hours” for students who want to discuss diversity issues.

Thus far, the school has not agreed to the demands, and it is unclear if it is seriously considering their implementation.

Rick Fitzgerald, a school spokesman, told Campus Reform that the six students currently working the job are part of a “pilot project.”

Like the NFL, if chancellors all over America put their foot down, these antics would stop immediately. Moreover, parents need to intervene with their snowflakes and demand they grow up.

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