2018 The Year of Leftist SPANKINGS by Trump

2018 The Year of Leftist SPANKINGS by Trump

Leftists LOVED 2016, until November 8.

Try to imagine the feeling they carried into election night, only to get their sh*tholes kicked. But then it got worse.

Donald Trump’s Year One as president blew their feeble minds. Never before had those clowns witness such an extraordinary performance. And from the man they called a moron, and said was unhinged. Trump RULED!

Leftists publicly complain of Trump, as they privately exalt the man. They have more wealth in their houses and portfolios, and gleefully plan vacations and other niceties. Nevertheless, they still hope for a return of mayhem. Leftists just like being in power, even when they destroy everything in their paths. So they jubilantly look forward to 2018.

I wrote that 2018 Midterms will be BLOODBATH for Democrats

The Left tell you their fears by what they brag about.

Recently Fox News’ Chris Wallace declared that Republicans could lose 40 seats in the House.

 While appearing on Shepard Smith Reporting, Chris Wallace promoted “fake news” narrative of doom and gloom for the 2018 election.

He pointed to recent Democratic wins in the Virginia gubernatorial election and the Alabama Senate special election.

Partial Transcript:

“You see a very energized Democratic voter base, especially among suburban women, young people, minorities,” Wallace said.

“We’re an eternity away, it’s 11 months away, but this is going to be a tough election for Republicans,” he said. “And obviously, any effort of the president to pass his agenda would really be put in jeopardy were Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to take back control of the House.”

Wishful thinking by Leftist Chris Wallace.

As Robin Ridless noted, the dominoes have started to fall.

Note to Fusion GPS: If you’re going to mouth off to the media and ignore the public record, you’d better be prepared to have your confidential documents subpoenaed.

That’s the takeaway from last week’s ruling by Judge Richard J. Leon, district court judge from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, denying Fusion GPS’s request for a preliminary injunction against TD Bank.  The injunction would have stopped the bank from complying with a subpoena for bank documents served by the House Intelligence Committee relating to the oppo research firm’s financial transactions with media and political clients from the period coinciding with its retention of Christopher Steele to compile the Russian dossier.  The judge rejected the firm’s arguments, in no small part because grandstanding by its principals and by prominent Democrats directly contradicted the firm’s claims to be a victim of First Amendment and due process violations.

In the wake of the ruling, Fusion’s lawyer vowed to keep fighting, but the transfer since then of the 70 documents at issue mooted any possible appeal.  While the dispute is now resolved, in an age of “notional accuracy” in reporting, Judge Leon’s decision bears emphasis.  For a refreshing change of pace, it stands as a mini-case study in the fecklessness of flash.  It is a little jewel of a decision in a grand tiara of legal maneuverings that sparkles with the value of nerdy lawyering over media-driven cant.

Next, I predicted that LOTS of Leftists will be jailed:

Try to imagine the fear circulating throughout DC, as well as Obama-administration members’ rat holes.

These people counted on the election of Hillary Clinton to provide cover for the most crooked administration in America’s history…period. When that didn’t happen, these clown went DefCon 1.

They plotted and schemed, and tangled their web so much most of them find themselves in serious trouble. And 2018 will be the year regular taxpaying America get our comeuppance as we watch elitists to to prison.

I know people doubt this will happen. But they also doubted we would get tax reform, the repeal of Obamacare, and a president who actually cared about the people.

I even went as far as to predict that Obama will be the biggest casualty of 2018 for the Democrats.

Barack Obama finds himself in serious trouble.

And he rallies all resources at his disposal to hopefully keep the long arm of the law from getting to him. But it will be of no use.

Before I explain why Obama will be the biggest casualty of the Democrats in 2018, let’s review.

Donald Trump called out Mexico for illegal immigration, and people scoffed. They called the man xenophobic, and some accused him of being racist against Mexicans. Trump doubled-down, promising if he were elected he would build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Again, people laughed.

Where do we find ourselves? Trump as president, illegal immigration at record low levels, and the wall being planned.

And there are other examples where Donald Trump made his declarations, the world scoffed, and yet Trump was successful. So from his unlikely presidency to multiple issues, Trump declared the truth, and somehow that truth was realized.

Now, why Obama is in big trouble in 2018.

So where are we?

We watch as dominoes begin to fall everywhere. 

We reported that Fusion GPS has backtracked on its story about an “inside mole” as the source of the infamous dossier.

So now America has more verification of what we already knew.

The supposed “inside source” to the Trump campaign was a lie. As is the entire “Russian collusion” story.

The fact is, Fusion GPS fabricated a story, based on bar talk. Thus the company retreated in its early declaration.

According to the transcript, this ‘internal source’ confirmed the claims in the dossier to the FBI. Fusion GPS used this language to give the 35-page work of fiction more credibility. Based on a December 30th New York Times article, most interested observers concluded the Trump campaign mole was George Papadopoulos.

That revelation pretty much destroys Mueller’s investigation as it relates to Donald Trump.

Now, the investigation has but one direction: Left.

Then we get word of indictments in the Uranium One deal. This was the deal Hillary Clinton called a “nothing burger”:

Looks like the Democrats are beginning to connect the dots on that Russian involvement in our Democratic Republic. Only Donald Trump and crew are nowhere to be found.

However, others soon to be tied to the Clintons are.

On Friday DOJ officials in the District of Maryland indicted Mark Lambert from Mount Airy, Maryland on 11 counts related to foreign bribery.

You can bet this is the first of many. As the saying goes, “The dominoes begin to fall.”

The charges stem from an alleged scheme by Lambert to bribe Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official at JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX). If Uranium One is on the up and up, why the need for bribes?

FBI informant William D. Campbell told reporters he had viewed briefcases full of money used for bribes. Justice.gov reported:

And all the while, President Trump just keeps on gaining momentum.

The economy booms. North Korea makes friendly with its South Korean brothers. Iranians are uprising, and global markets improve daily.

The spankings will continue until morale is restored on the Left.



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