LeBron James Mentoring Crooked Former FBI Director James Comey

LeBron James Mentoring Crooked Former FBI Director James Comey

And you wonder why the FBI fell into disarray under James Comey; look at his mentor.

Apparently, Comey sees in LeBron James all that he wanted to be. Below is his homage to James:


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I’m guessing Comey laments his chance to have played in the NBA? At 6’8″ all Comey managed to do with his miserable life is become a crooked setup man for the Clintons.

Why James?

LeBron James doesn’t do his own homework. He uses wealthy white men for his investment advice. Interestingly, these are the same wealthy white men LeBron James technically despises, and recommends that other black despise.

Billionaire Warren Buffet attended a Cleveland Cavaliers game on Monday night, where he met LeBron James, who calls him “Uncle Warren,” according to the basketball star’s Instagram feed.

Always good having u in town and seeing u Uncle Warren!

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I guess what’s good for the goose in this case is not necessarily good for the gander.

By default, Comey actually admires Warren Buffet, not LeBron James. At least not for his investment advice.

Could Comey’s admiration for James be that he expects that admiration to be a “get of jail” card? Play to the black audience, as it were. Because most people I know don’t choose basketball players who barely graduated high school as role models.

To his credit, Comey did what Leftists do when in trouble. They run to black people, though generally they pick a “pastor”.

Funny that Comey didn’t pick Donald Trump to admire.

While Comey admires James for not losing sleep over losses, he completely ignores the winner only blocks way: Donald Trump.

Trump doesn’t lose sleep over losses either. That’s because Trump almost always wins. And Trump’s wins aren’t about bouncing a basketball, or taking advantage of the fact that his skillset is putting a ball through a hoop.

No, Donald Trump’s wins come from building a multi-billion dollar fortune from a loan from his father. Then Trump built a business that employs over 22,000 men and women around the world.

But what Comey could mostly admire about Donald Trump is how he beat the establishment, including James Comey. The world knows that Comey got the inside view of that story.

As for LeBron James, he has carved out a nice life. His politics prove his lack of intellect, but he will do fine, as there remain Leftist holdouts who want to help him achieve even more success.

I will predict a couple of things. James won’t share in that success, as he is selfish by nature. And eventually James will change his anti-Trump views, when those views suit his bank account.









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