Alabama Running Back Did NOT Say ‘F*ck Trump!’

Alabama Running Back Did NOT Say ‘F*ck Trump!’

Leave it to Leftist media to lie about what Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough yelled before the National Championship game.

Scarbrough was fired up, and rightfully so. Chances like this don’t come along often for college football players, though Alabama has experienced more than most. The year before the team felt the pain of defeat, losing to Clemson with one second to go in the game. Needless to say, the ‘Bama boys were loaded for bear, or in this case loaded for bulldog.

As the Crimson Tide exited the locker room, Scarbrough yelled out two words. These words had nothing to do with politics, but to what he was focused on. Sports Illustrated quickly turned what Scarbrough yelled into an attack on the president. After all, don’t all black football players hate President Trump?

Check out how fake news Sports Illustrated reported the scene:

Here is the actual event on video as it took place.

If you want to hear “F*ck Trump!”, your ear might have discerned that. But then there is the truth.


Bo Scarbrough made sure people know what he actually said.

“If y’all really listen I said Georgia smh about y’all people in this world,” Scarbrough tweeted.

Go back and listen, and you can clearly hear that Scarbrough said, “F*ck Georgia!”

Now, is that good sportsmanship? Nah. But it’s certainly not unpatriotic, as SI intimated.

What bothers me most is that SI wanted to cause controversy. They didn’t approach Scarbrough for clarity. They presumed that he took a slam at the president, because that’s what they wanted to believe.

In short, what SI wanted was another “Kaepernick” incident. And this would have poisoned many Americans against college football.

I know when I read the original account, in a game where I had no dog in the fight, I wanted the other team to win. One of my staffers, an Alabama fan sent me this link, and here’s what SI reported.

Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough was apparently seen yelling “F— Trump” before taking the field for Monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship game against Georgia.

President Trump was on the field for the national anthem. Alabama and Georgia players were not on the field for the Star-Spangled Banner but came out shortly after the pregame ceremonies.

The video was shared by Sporting News. Scarbrough wears No. 9.

I’m glad things got cleared up, no help from SI.

And let’s hope that in 2018 “journalists” go back to doing their jobs.


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