Anti-Trump Author Michael Wolff EXPOSED on CBS as a LIAR

Anti-Trump Author Michael Wolff EXPOSED on CBS as a LIAR

Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff has been all over the media, mostly hitting the fake news outlets. And these people treat the man like the second-coming of Elvis.

And as for the book itself, fake news media treats the information like lost books of the Bible. Probably the most sycophantic slobbering came from MSNBC’s Katy Tur, as you can see for yourself here.

But there’s been a shift. And that shift is palpable, as the wheels have come off Wolff’s wagon.

Now the fake news media realizes they’ve been duped.

Be still my heart, but Norah O’Donnell excoriated Wolff. And it wasn’t what O’Donnell necessarily said, but what she implied of Wolff’s story.

Check out the interview below:

Earlier in this interview, O’Donnell begins by asking if White House insiders want President removed from office as Wolff’s book implies.

He replied, “They’re not talking about trying to remove him from office. They are wondering what’s going to happen. The people in the White House are like everybody else in the country: ‘What’s going to happen here? We don’t know from day to day.’ This is for them, as for everyone, an extraordinary experience, and I think that they certainly question what’s going to happen here, like everybody else.

“There are many moments in which the 25th Amendment has come up, which gives the Cabinet the ability to remove the president. And they don’t say, ‘The Cabinet is going to remove the president,’ but they do say things like, ‘This is a little 25th Amendment-y here.'”

The interview spirals quickly, as O’Donnell becomes noticeably incredulous. She gets Wolff to admit that he did not interview Vice President Mike Pence or any Cabinet members.

Yet, in the book,“Fire and Fury” some of the more incendiary claims in his book are credited to Trump Cabinet members.

“Did you speak to any members of the president’s Cabinet for this book?” CBS host Norah O’Donnell, asked him.

Wolff responded, “I did not.”

Wolff then reiterated claims he’d spent nearly three hours with the president for the book. O’Donnell said, “The president denies he ever spoke to you for this book, at all.”

Wolff responded, “I probably think he had no idea he was speaking to me for this book. When I would meet the president in the White House we would chat as though we were friends.”

“But that’s not an interview, to greet someone and say, ‘Hello,’” O’Donnell responded. “That’s not a journalistic exercise.”

It’s evident by now that Wolff’s book is mostly fiction. Clearly, he used his access to the White House to sign a nice book deal. But then he took things too far.

What Wolff wants people to believe is some of the most accomplished people in the world, Trump’s cabinet and other staff can’t stand the man. He goes further to imply that they think of the self-made billionaire and Wharton Grad-turned-President of the United States is thought of as dumb, almost universally.

Smart, accomplished, wealthy Conservatives don’t work for dumbasses. That’s why Obama hired Leftists. But you can bet that Mnuchin doesn’t think of President Trump as an idiot. And neither does anybody on Trump’s staff.

Michael Wolff will soon be seen as the fraud he is. And yet again, most of the media will be seen for the frauds they are.



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