Armageddon: Fiat Moving Plant From Mexico to Michigan

Armageddon: Fiat Moving Plant From Mexico to Michigan

Here’s some more of that Armageddon Nancy Pelosi predicted.

Only the Armageddon occurred in Mexico. Because due to President Trump’s tax plan, the auto giant decided to move production from Mexico to Michigan.

As CNN Money reported,

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is feeling good about tax reform. So good that it says it’s moving some of its truck production from Mexico to Michigan.

The automaker announced Thursday that it will spend more than $1 billion to revamp its Warren Truck Assembly Plant, which will start making the Ram heavy-duty truck in 2020. The truck is currently made in Saltillo, Mexico.

Fiat Chrysler said it will add 2,500 jobs in Michigan to support the move.

The company also said it’s giving one-time $2,000 bonuses to 60,000 U.S. workers.

“It is only proper that our employees share in the savings generated by tax reform and that we openly acknowledge the resulting improvement in the U.S. business environment by investing in our industrial footprint accordingly,” CEO Sergio Marchionne said in a press release.

Fiat Chrysler said it does not plan to shut the Saltillo plant, but declined to comment on which models will be made in Saltillo after Ram production moves north.

The company said the investment announced Thursday is separate from a 2015 labor deal with the United Auto Workers union. FCA had pledged to invest $5.3 billion in American plants to guarantee additional union jobs as part of that agreement.

For Democrats who want to credit Obama with this move, BRING IT, BITCHES!

Obama couldn’t save Carrier, then dared Trump to do it. Trump obliged.

Then Obama said manufacturing was gone in America. Yet somehow we keep growing manufacturing in America.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall at ANY Democrats house as businesses announce they are returning to America.

But it gets worse for the Leftists pukes who believe Obama to be so smart and Trump so “unhinged”. What Trump the Genius accomplished is revolutionary.

Leftists hate that dozens of companies announced their return to America, and ALL credit the reduction of taxes from 35% to 21% as the reason.

During the campaign Trump promised to address these issues, as well as trade. Trump has not just performed, he’s knocked it out of the park.

As for Fiat Chrysler (FCAU), due to President Trump’s policies, the company had already planned to bolster production at the Warren plant. In January 2017, the company said it would spend $1 billion to expand factories in Ohio and Michigan. Fiat estimates creating 2,000 jobs total.

Try to imagine what November of 2018 will look like as Trump continues his roll. Remember that not a single Democrat voted for the tax cuts. And I predicted the demise of the Democrats for this very reason. Wait until they finally have to say “No mas!” as Trump’s policies continue to Make America Great Again.

At what point do you jump on, and not lose face? The time to jump on the Trump Train is passing soon. Don’t do it, and Democrats will know that Armageddon is what happens to them in mid-term elections.


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