BREAKING: Amtrak Crashes Carrying Members of Congress

BREAKING: Amtrak Crashes Carrying Members of Congress

An Amtrak train carrying members of Congress to a retreat crashed into a dump truck.

Oh the symbolism.

According to the New York Post,

An Amtrak train carrying members of Congress – including House Speaker Paul Ryan — to a GOP retreat in West Virginia slammed into a garbage truck Wednesday, killing one person, the White House said.

No lawmakers or staff were hurt, according to the White House.

A nurse at the scene reported at least one fatality and at least one person in critical condition after the crash, according to NBC29 in Charlottesville.

“It just plowed into that truck. We didn’t know what it was until our car went by the garbage truck,” said Rep. Mike Bishop (R-Mich.).

“It was a forceful impact you. You can tell we hit something substantial. The train jumped and lurched forward. It was a loud, loud bang,” he said.

As he spoke to The Post, emergency responders rushed to the scene, and police boarded the car carrying the GOPers.

This would have been more fitting if the train carried crooked Democrats. But they are likely the people who paid the dump truck driver to end it all, and make the Republicans look bad.

The one fatality isn’t known at this time, but let’s just assume the truck driver is one of the “forgotten” people Democrats protect.

As fake news CNN MIGHT have reported the story:

Headline: Republican crash their train into Dreamer driving dump truck.

Story: Juan Miguel dreamed of living in America and was in fact, a “Dreamer”. Juan never committed a crime. He came over with his family at the age of 11. Juan attended college in an effort to improve his life. He was still learning English, and wanted to earn more money to provide for his family of six children.

In a previous interview Juan revealed that he worked hard so that he could bring his abuelito and abuelita to America, so they could be closer to the family. His dream of family reunification (new pc-term that replaces the racist term “chain migration”) was the reason Juan worked so hard.

But Donald Trump killed Juan’s dream. Trump didn’t fund the “Anti-Train Bill” that has allowed Amtrak trains to go rogue killing Dreamers in epidemic numbers.

Another irony, the train wrecked in Charlottesville, the site of the “white supremacy” event a while back.

Don’t be surprised if the sarcastic scenario outlined about happens.




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