BREAKING: Chief of Staff To James Comey OUT at FBI

BREAKING: Chief of Staff To James Comey OUT at FBI

Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall at the Federal Bureau of Investigations right now?

With the potential release of the FISA memo and the recently launched investigation to find 50,000 texts that the FBI supposedly “lost”, the DC swamp continues to drain.

Now we have learned that former FBI director James Comey’s chief of staff James Rybicki has reportedly resigned.

Fox News reports:

Federal law enforcement sources told Fox News that Rybicki was not fired. His departure, they said, has “been in the works for awhile.”

“Jim Rybicki notified me last month that he will be leaving the FBI to accept an opportunity in the corporate sector,” Wray said in a statement. “While this is an exciting move for the whole Rybicki family, Jim will be dearly missed by the FBI family – and by me personally.”

Wray added: “His many years of dedication to the bureau and DOJ, his level-headed judgment and earnest professionalism, and his steady good cheer have been an asset to us all and have contributed greatly to the safety and security of our nation.”

The FBI director said he tapped attorney Zachary Harmon to replace Rybicki.

But is Rybicki’s resignation really as innocent as the reports claim?

Recall last year when he became under fire for his role in helping Comey in changing a statement that exonerated Hillary Clinton in her email server investigation.

The FBI released documents proving former FBI Director James Comey began drafting a letter regarding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation months before holding several key interviews, and speaking to Hillary himself.

The document release was titled “Drafts of Director Comeys July 5, 2016 Statement Regarding Email Server Investigation Part 01 of 01.”

The contents of the email were largely unclear as nearly all of it was redacted. The now-public records show the email titled “Midyear Exam — UNCLASSIFIED” was sent by Comey on May 2, 2016, to Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, general counsel James Baker and chief of staff and senior counselor James Rybicki.

On May 16, the documents showed a response email from Rybicki, saying “Please send me any comments on this statement so we may roll into a master doc for discussion with the Director at a future date. Thanks, Jim.”

This was the same draft where Comey changed Hillary’s abuse of classified information from gross negligence to “extreme carelessness.”

Further, Rybicki was requested by Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the Oversight Committee along with McCabe and FBI counsel Lisa Page to be available for transcribed interviews about the anti-Trump texts between Page and Strzok.

Sara Carter previously reported Rybicki was implicated in a text exchange between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page involving a potential leak to the Washington Post:

One of the text messages the congressional committees are interested in involves Strzok and Page discussing a story published in the Washington Post.

On Nov. 3, 2016, just days before the election, Page texted Strzok, and mentions a call she had with FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki.

“Sorry Rybicki called,” Page states. “Time line article in the post is super specific and not good. Doesn’t make sense because I didn’t have specific information to give.”

Strzok, responds, “what post article?”

Page then states, “just went up. WaPo.” Page apparently was referencing an article in the Washington Post.

Let’s be clear. This was no resignation, but a man given no choice. Thus, consider this a clue.

Because despite the protestation of Adam Schiff and other Democrats wishing to hide the truth, the truth will emerge soon.

Expect more defections, as Mueller’s investigation continues to expose the DC swamp rats.

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