Chuck Schumer Doesn’t Want THIS VIDEO on Univision

Chuck Schumer Doesn’t Want THIS VIDEO on Univision

Over the years, the word Leftism has become synonymous with hypocrisy. That’s because Leftists have no real values.

Leftists play simply to win, even if winning means losing in the end. They put others before the very people they claim to represent. And in no place can you witness their hypocrisy than with illegals living in America. 

Take Chuck Schumer, for example. Recently, he voted to shut down the government over the plight of illegals. What do illegals have to do with the area of the country he represents? Nothing. If illegals exist in his Senate region, Schumer should do all he can to rid his area of people stealing resources from citizens.

Instead, Schumer takes up the cause of illegals in the form of DACA. Schumer does it for the children of illegals, people the Left affectionately call “Dreamers”.

These are the people for whom Schumer took a stance.

On multiple occasions, President Trump reached out to Schumer for a compromise. In the case of the president, the compromise would satisfy his commitment to American citizens first, then to people waiting in line legally to become American citizens. After that, President Trump agreed to work with the Left for the plight of the children of illegals.

Schumer refused. Because the Democrats are not about helping the Dreamers as we previously noted:

The Democrats have lied so much about Trump, they now believe the lies. But what the Democrats don’t seem to grasp is the public no longer trusts them. They now realize that Democrats are concerned about power and wealth.

DACA is a ploy to get votes…period. The Democratic Party needs Dreamers to win elections. Obama unconstitutionally set up this program knowing that undoing it would cost political capital for Republicans. But Obama didn’t count on a Republican like Trump.

The Trump Plan

From the beginning and much to the chagrin of many Conservatives, Trump has sympathized with the plight of children of illegals. For this reason, he’s always been for a pathway to citizenship for these few.

Even RINO Senator Lindsey Graham gets it:

“President Trump’s support for a pathway to citizenship will help us get strong border security measures as we work to modernize a broken immigration system,” he said in a statement. “With this strong statement by President Trump, I have never felt better about our chances of finding a solution on immigration.”

Not only does Graham get it, but so does Chuck Schumer.

Schumer actually agrees with Donald Trump and he said it. Illegal immigration is a problem, and a big one.

As Brendan Kirby uncovered:

It’s 2018, and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D.- NY), can’t do enough for illegal immigration.

Back in 2009, though, Schumer said that being an illegal immigrant was “wrong and we have to change it.”


Schumer said it himself.

When we use phrases like ‘undocumented workers’, we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combatting illegal immigration, which the American people overwhelmingly oppose. If you don’t think it’s illegal, you’re not going to say it.

Then the clincher:

I think it’s illegal and it’s wrong, and we have to change it.

There you have it. Schumer in his own words. And you can bet that nothing has changed. Unless you consider the presidency.

Ironically, Trump appears more sympathetic to illegals than Chuck Schumer!

So why aren’t the Republicans running these ads on Univision?

Trump gave Schumer want he’s wanted all along. He’s only mad because it took a Republican like Trump to make it happen. And God-forbid the Democrats have to give ground to the Republicans on solving America’s immigration problems.

These worthless politicians have kicked the can down the road for decades. Then, President Trump comes along and forces a solution. “What!?”, say the Democrats. “You’re actually going to solve problems?! We didn’t sign up for this!”

Well, the American public certainly did. We are far past time to get this problem resolved, so President Trump can move on to the next one.


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