Another Republican Congressional BIG WIG Calls It Quits

Another Republican Congressional BIG WIG Calls It Quits

Representative (R-CA) Darrell Issa set to retire at the end of his term. His retirement makes him the most recent GOP lawmaker to leave office during the Trump Era.

The news comes as a shock to most observers, and Issa certainly wouldn’t be considered a swamp rat.

Nevertheless, as reported by The Daily Caller:

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa of California announced his retirement Wednesday, making him the latest in a string of House Republicans that have opted not to seek reelection.

The retirement comes on the heels of GOP Rep. Ed Royce’s Monday retirement announcement. Royce and Issa join 29 fellow House Republicans who have announced they are retiring, seeking another office or stepping down effective immediately since President Donald Trump entered the White House.

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“While my service to California’s 49th District will be coming to an end, I will continue advocating on behalf of the causes that are most important to me, advancing public policy where I believe I can make a true and lasting difference, and continuing the fight to make our incredible nation an even better place to call home,” Issa said in a statement.

Issa’s 49th district is widely considered to be one of the seats most vulnerable to a Democratic challenger in 2018. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the San Diego area district by seven points and Issa, who entered Congress in 2001, barely held on to his seat in 2016.

GOP leaders have acknowledged that the retirements are an issue, as Democrats have to flip 24 seats to take the majority in 2018.

“We’ve got to find better ways to empower people where they feel like this is worth their time,” Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas told the National Journal after he met with his Republican colleagues to discuss the problem.

Issa will be missed. He hounded Obama, as Issa chased the scandals within the Obama administration.

NPR writes:

Issa’s influence on Capitol Hill has waned recently, but for four years, he chaired the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, where he earned a reputation as a staunch critic of former President Obama and became a fixture on cable-news programs.

As chairman of the committee, Issa was a key player in GOP-led investigations looking at what Obama administration officials knew about controversial incidents including the 2012 terrorist attack on a U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans including a U.S. Ambassador were killed, the IRS targeting of conservative groups and the “Fast and Furious” gun-trafficking scandal.

The ladder eventually led to the extraordinary 2012 contempt vote of then-Attorney General Eric Holder by the U.S. House. Holder refused to hand over internal Justice Department documents about a botched gun-sting operation in Arizona.

Believe it or not, the Leftist media report Issa’s retirement as Trump and Issa “running scared”. Scared of what?

If anything, Issa’s retirement is a testament that he believes DC may finally get it’s crap together. Who better to do that than a soon vindicated President Trump.

Moreover, Issa may just want to spend his money. He is, after all the richest man in Congress.

Darrell Issa (R-Vista) is the richest member of Congress, topping an annual ranking with an estimated minimum net worth of $254.7 million — nearly $150 million more than the second-richest lawmaker.

Issa made most of his fortune in the 1990s while leading Directed Electronics Inc., a Vista-based manufacturer of vehicle antitheft devices that he created. His is the voice of the Viper car alarm system, which warns, “Please step away from the car.”

So unlike most of the politicians in DC, Issa earned his wealth honestly.

I wish Representative Issa well in retirement. He certainly earned it.


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