Democrats in Puerto Rico INTENTIONALLY Keeping Power Off to Hurt Trump

Democrats in Puerto Rico INTENTIONALLY Keeping Power Off to Hurt Trump

The plot thickens in Puerto Rico.

The Democrats there believe they can make a “Katrina” of Maria, the hurricane that recently devastated the island sh*thole paradise. So they intentionally thwart attempts by President Trump to restore things to normal.

Months after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, nearly half the island’s residents remain powerless. But FEMA sent hundreds of workers to the area to help restore the electrical grid, so why the delay? Materials.

Items critical to restoring the grid in Puerto Rico are missing. Over the weekend, FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began raiding warehouses. To their amazement, they found that the Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority has been “hoarding” these critical items.

The intercept reported that FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers entered a warehouse in Palo Seco  where they found hundreds of tension steel sleeves and nearly 3,000 items necessary for contractors helping Puerto Rico restore power.

Hard to imagine people putting politics before people. However, that’s modis operandi for Leftists.

The Democrats believe you must crack a few eggs to make an omelet.

Not long ago the Associated Press reported on this very issue.

FEMA has been desperately importing electrical rescue crews, trying to get the island back to full power. But the crews themselves have faced a massive shortage of equipment and necessary parts — a shortage which puzzled the emergency management agency which has been importing the parts and materials since just days after Hurricane Maria hit.

The problem seems to be the PREPA, which received the materials but never distributed them. According to reports, PREPA failed to enter into “mutual aid agreements,” that would have allowed the electricity provider to seek help from private utilities in completing the island-wide restoration project.

At the same time, the Intercept reports, the Puerto Rican government is trying to reform PREPA, which seems to be causing more problems than it’s solving.

At least for now, it seems that FEMA and other agencies are getting involved, trying to make sure that crews they manage are fully stocked and supplied so that power can return to Puerto Rico.

The Mayor of San Juan hates President Trump. She’s willing to do anything to disrupt his administration’s efforts to rebuild Puerto Rico.

As CNN reported,

Yulín Cruz said in an interview with CNN’s Leyla Santiago that a briefing with Trump on Tuesday preceded a “productive” discussion with administration staff, but she lamented the tone of the President’s remarks in the wake of back-to-back hurricanes

Trump has accused Yulín Cruz of taking a political angle to criticize his administration’s relief efforts, and Yulín Cruz said she was able to speak with the President briefly when he shook her hand at Tuesday’s event.

“I told him, ‘Mr. President this is about saving lives. It’s not about politics,'” Yulín Cruz said. “That’s all the interaction that mayors had with him.”

But for Cruz, it is about politics.

Take a look at Houston, in comparison.

The Category 4 hurricane brought winds in excess of 130 mph, dumped trillions of gallons of rain, led to 82 deaths in the region and caused damage estimated at nearly $200 billion. The Astros, along with donating $4 million to hurricane relief efforts, seized onto the “Houston Strong” message, similar to what the Red Sox adopted in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing en route to winning the World Series in 2013.

Houston didn’t fret.

The city’s major league baseball team won a World Series, and now the job of recovery begins. No politics, just good old American Spirit at play. 

And PR wonders why they won’t get statehood.



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