DNC CEO Resigns on Heels of McCabe Resignation

DNC CEO Resigns on Heels of McCabe Resignation

To say the Democrats are in turmoil may be the understatement of the year, to date.

As Trump continues to embarrass Obama, making running the nation’s economy look like child’s play, the Democratic Party continues to kick its own ass.

On the heels of the resignation of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, we get another high profile resignation.

As NBC reports, The CEO of the Democratic National Committee is leaving after less than a year on the job:

Veteran Democrat operative Jess O’Connell took the helm of the DNC last May with a mandate to help newly installed Chairman Tom Perez turn around a troubled party organization that was struggling after years of neglect and a brutal 2016 that included accusations of favoritism in the primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the hacking of internal emails, and the loss to President Donald Trump.

O’Connell will leave the party stabilized, if not yet fully recovered, after wins last year in Virginia and Alabama, and her decision to leave is a personal one, a DNC official told NBC News, timed to cause minimal disruption ahead of November’s midterm elections.

Hard to believe the Democrats would lose their DNC CEO given all their recent election success?

Perhaps there is more?

Like the DNC’s not so long ago firing of their finance director for her weak fundraising results:

The Democratic National Committee dismissed its top fundraiser Thursday after just five months on the job, two Democrats familiar with the move told POLITICO.

Emily Mellencamp Smith, the party’s finance director, was let go in a shake-up of the party’s senior leadership designed to energize the party’s fundraising.

“We are grateful for Emily Mellencamp Smith’s work to help build a fundraising team that will raise the funds to win in 2017, 2018 and beyond. Emily is going back to consulting and helping elect Democrats in upcoming races, including staying on in a consulting role for the DNC at this time,” said DNC press secretary Michael Tyler.


Just so we are clear, the Democrats remain optimistic after losing their CEO, ousting their finance director due to weak fundraising, and being tied to the biggest scandal in political history.

So much for feminism too. Two high-powered female executives have either resigned or been dismissed.

The party of unity launched it “Unity Tour” meant to bring on the Sanders segment of the Democrats; the communists.

Perez and Sanders launched a unity tour after Perez was elected as DNC chair, and Perez tapped progressive Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), who also ran to lead the DNC, as vice chair.

Can you feel the love, Elton?

Beginning April 17 of last year Sanders and Perez hit the trail in so-called “red” and “purple” states. They visited Kentucky, Maine, Florida, Utah, Montana, Nevada, Arizona and Nebraska.

Other leaders in the Democratic party attended the rallies, and spoke of issues ranging from the minimum wage to criminal justice and immigration reform.

Do you recall any of these events? Was there SRO: Standing Room Only? The Nation wrote of the first stop:

Journalists treated the “unity tour” as a spectacle meant to spotlight party unity. It was anything but—yet it was necessary. DNC chair Tom Perez and Senator Bernie Sanders don’t see eye to eye on many policy disputes. Sanders had, of course, backed Rep. Keith Ellison for the job that went to Perez, and depicted the former labor secretary as a stalking horse for the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton wing of the party. More than once on the tour, Perez was booed by Sanders backers. The Sanders and DNC folks don’t seem to have collaborated enough on screening the candidates the tour traveled to support. There was a huge dustup around the issue of choice, for example, as well as a skirmish over a promising Democrat seemingly rebuffed by Sanders as not sufficiently progressive.

I defy you to find more information on the outcome of this so-called tour.

Three of the most divisive people in America, all representing their own interests. The Democrats couldn’t be more out of touch with mainstream America.

Many Democrat realize their party is the party of division. Their representatives offer nothing except obstruction to President Trump. Obstruction may have worked in the past against weak-kneed Republicans. However, those tactics fail miserably against President Trump.

Do you know any Democrats unhappy with their party? I certainly do.

Do you know any Republicans who want to join the Democrats? I don’t. For the most part, Republicans are ecstatic about their new leader. Because happy days are here again for Conservatives.

For Democrats, not so much.



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