America-Hating DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison ADMIRES Antifa

America-Hating DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison ADMIRES Antifa

Has the left gone too far now? Deputy Democratic Chairperson Keith “Leftist” Ellison tweets about Antifa handbook to “strike fear into the heart of Donald Trump.”

As deranged as Nancy Pelosi is, she had the good sense to distance herself from Antifa.

That’s because Pelosi knows the movement condones violence. And though they target Conservative Americans with their venom, Pelosi knows that can shift with wind. Thus, she doesn’t want the group engendered by the Left to bite the hand that feeds it.

Believe it or not, there exists within the Democratic Party people left of Pelosi. And Congressman Keith Ellison is one such Democrat. The Islamic extremist admires Antifa, especially their tactics.

Representative Ellison’s tweet below quantifies the above statement:

As Reported by Gateway Pundit

The book Ellison happily took a selfie posing with, Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook by Mark Bray, seeks to defend and normalize the actions of Antifa — a loose-knit group that has been classified as domestic terrorists by the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security.

Members of Antifa believe that violence is justified when used against political foes or to send a message during protests. Many claim that violence against “fascists,” or anyone to the right of Karl Marx, is justified as self-defense from an imagined threat. From rioting and causing over $500,000 in property damage to the area surrounding University of California at Berkeley to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking to bashing a stranger over the head with a bike lock for the crime of supporting our president, members of Antifa have become increasingly willing to use violence for political aims since the election.

Some Leftists questioned Ellison’s behavior and motives.

Check out TheProgressiveCynic, who admits to fighting facism and Trump, but Antifa? 

A voice from the Right chimed in questioning if Ellison even recognizes fascism in the terrorist organization Antifa.

Ellison and a handful of other Leftists prove their ignorance in their support of this group. Antifa is mostly a generation of misguided, spoiled brats, whose educations in hate were funded by taxpayers.

If all they did was spew hateful rhetoric, nobody would care. However, they are vile, vicious creatures.

This Trump supporter was beaten by Antifa, and required extensive medical treatment. Antifa beat the man for no reason other than his support of Donald Trump and the America First agenda.

Who is Keith Ellison? The Middle Eastern Quarterly provided a few answers

“Who is Keith Ellison?” There are no simple answers. Throughout a checkered career, this liberal American politician has adopted many guises and presented different messages. He is an African-American who has moved from the fringe to the center of politics. He is a Democrat with a predictably liberal voting record, yet he consorts with groups and individuals that represent a threat to democracy and America. He is a convert to Islam but challenges Islamic orthodoxy on numerous issues legislatively. He identifies strongly with his faith, yet the details of his conversion and his current sentiments as a Muslim are obscure. He considers himself a friend of Israel[1] but, at other times, has appeared on the same platforms with speakers vocal in their opposition to the Jewish state and their support for terrorist groups that have murdered its citizens.

For many, he holds out hope of increasing Muslim influence in the U.S. government. At present, he is only one of two Muslims serving in Congress, the other being André Carson. He has strongly encouraged his fellow Muslims to engage in politics saying, “Getting engaged, getting involved, running for office, helping people run for office, organizing your community—these are the things that are going to make a change come about. We have to build the kind of country that we want with the help of some people who are like-minded. We cannot leave that responsibility to anybody else.”

As far as Conservative America is concerned, Minnesota, you are 0 and 2.

Minnesota elected a self-absorbed comedic hack, wannabe hack to the Senate. And now former Senator Al Franken has retired in disgrace. Before him, Minnesota elected an anti-American, racist, white-hating, Jew-hating Muslim to represent them in Congress.

It’s time Minnesota wake up! And it’s time Americans decide once and for all that Antifa’s violence will be met with harsh penalties.








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