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Ex-Obama DOJ Lawyer CAUGHT Selling Secrets

Ex-Obama DOJ Lawyer CAUGHT Selling Secrets

Another crooked Obama administration bureaucrat uncovered in 2018.

Jeffrey Wertkin served as a trial attorney in the civil division of the United States Department of Justice from 2010 to April 2016. Apparently after only 6 years in the Obama administration, the Georgetown-education attorney with a Ph.D. along with his J.D. decided on a life of crime.

As Above the Law reported,

Jeffrey Wertkin blew up his own career. This we know — hell, he knew it the second he was arrested last February, when he told the arresting agent, “My life is over.” (Yeah, he was also wearing a disguise that included a wig at the time of his arrest.) But the $64,000 question underlying the arrest of the once-successful Georgetown-educated lawyer has always been, “Why?” Why did someone with such a successful legal career throw it all away?

Wertkin likely saw how others in the Obama administration behaved and decided to go for it. Thus the former Justice Department prosecutor sought to sell sealed lawsuits brought by whistleblowers. His clients would be the targets of pending investigations, according to a Washington Post report.

Wertkin gathered up the documents before he left the Justice Department in April 2016. Next, he went to work for an influential D.C. law firm, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, where he planned to hatch his nefarious plan.

Wertkin planned to acquire clients by offering to sell the sealed complaints and his services to defend against them. A “just add water” law practice.

Unfortunately for Wertkin, the plan was foiled, and he was arrested last January. He was caught trying to sell a sealed federal lawsuit to a Silicon Valley tech company for $310,000.

Not surprisingly, the legacy Obama Justice Department has no idea how Wertkin acquired access to complaints for cases to which he was not assigned. But given all we’ve learned about the flimsy nature of things at the Justice Department, most Americans are not quite as surprised.

Wertkins has pleaded guilty to charges of obstructing justice and transporting stolen property. As part of his plea agreement, Wertkin has promised to speak with Justice Department supervisors about how he was able to get away with the sealed documents. Who knows what they uncover about the inner workings of the most crooked administration in American history.

According to the Post, Wertkin went against the typical Leftists tactic of denial. Instead, Wertkin said in a court hearing that he was aware that stealing the documents was illegal. Further, he acknowledged that he intentionally lied to the Justice Department about taking the complaints with him when he left.

In his plea agreement, Wertkin admitted that he stole the sealed complaints. He said he stole them because he thought they would help him drum up clients at his new job.

“I began secretly reviewing and collecting complaints to identify clients to solicit for business when I was in practice and, thereby, to make myself more successful at Akin Gump,” the plea agreement reads.

No surprise to learn that a Leftist looked for an easy way to begin his new career.

Understand America, such is the way of the Left. And you can bet there exist many more Wertkins within the Obama administration. These scandalous bureaucrats look for the easy way out, and they will gladly sacrifice everyday Americans to do so.



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