EYE-POPPING MONTAGE of Obama’s 140 Unfulfilled Promises from SOTU

EYE-POPPING MONTAGE of Obama’s 140 Unfulfilled Promises from SOTU

Democrats continue to huff and puff over Trump’s most recent State of the Union speech calling it “divisive.”

Some who watched commented that Trump spoke in an “alternative reality”. You can bet these naysayers are hard-core Leftists detached from reality for sure.

Trump spoke truth. Leftists have become accustomed to the lies. Trump’s speech highlighted all of Trump’s fulfilled campaign promises. Further, he explained how he would go on to fulfilling the other promises.

The fact that President Trump is effective vexes the Left. The Heritage Foundation rated Trump better than Reagan…by a landslide.

But perhaps what most upsets the Left are the broken promises from Barack Obama. Below is a stunning montage of 140 things Obama promised but failed to deliver on:


The video encapsulates all of Obama’s SOTU speeches over his 8 year reign of terror. The list of wants sounds like the rant of a crazy man, with a hallucinogenic drug-fried brain.

Highlights in the video include Obama’s promise to create a stimulus bill that would “create 3.5 million jobs over the next few years, 90 percent of which will be in the private sector.” Obama lost almost 4 million jobs in his first year, so adding 3.5 million would have left him with a net loss.

Not only did Obama lose jobs, he lost the nation. Consumer confidence fell dramatically as millions were added to the welfare rolls. By the end of Obama’s reign, over 16 million more people were receiving welfare. Believe it or not, Obama’s Chief of Staff Valerie Jarett was proud of this fact. She and Obama commented that the country was doing so well, we could absorb these people. For them, more people on welfare was a testament to Obama’s administration.

Next,  he DIDN’T double the supply of renewable energy in the next 3 years. But what he did accomplish was to make many of his donors rich. Obama’s green energy policy was little more than political payback to fat cat donors. Only a few years later, Obama would say America needed all types of energy, including clean coal. However, Obama gutted the coal industry, driving many completely out of business.

Interestingly, Obama discussed medical breakthroughs, as if government is even in the business of medicine. So how did he plan to do this anyway?

Obama spoke of medical breakthroughs as if he were a scientist working on a cure for cancer. He made unrealistic promises, with no possibility of making these things happen. Obama even mentioned cancer, saying the disease affected him personally. He finally got around to addressing this promise in his last year in office. Laughingly, Obama put Joe Biden in charge of overseeing the cure for cancer.

That’s right, the second dumbest man in America would now try to cure cancer, based on the promises of the first dumbest man in America.

But Leftists didn’t see this. Keep in mind that even with the worst first year presidency in modern history, many people lived under the spell Obama had cast a year earlier.

One has to wonder what briefings Obama got to discuss new power line technology in his 2009 SOTU. He acted like a kid with a new toy.

Obama bragged that new power lines would deliver twice the power and would be buried. Thus, Obama would eliminate issues related to overhead power lines.

For example, when power lines get too much ice, they sag. Too much weight and power lines ultimately break. In intense storms, the same thing occurs. But, burying power lines eliminates this problem.

So where are these new power lines?

I couldn’t find two stories where this technology was being implemented or has been implemented. The articles I found hinted that as of now the technology is cost prohibitive. I’m sure at some point the technology would be viable, but why tout this in 2009 as some fix that won’t exist for a decade?

In his 2009 SOTU, Obama got around to what would become his landmark namesake Obamacare.

He promised that his new healthcare initiative would focus on preventative care. This strategy would keep costs under control. We all know the outcome of Obamacare.

First, the website didn’t work, a precursor to the actual legislation.

Second, Obama blatantly lied when he said to people they could keep their plans and doctors. Even Democrats had to fall on the sword for this one. However, Obama never admitted that he blatantly lied. Instead, he said that with his new plan, Americans should have known that their existing plans wouldn’t qualify under Obamacare.

Finally, the costs of Obamacare soared. People literally made the choice between health coverage and mortgage payments. Premiums quadrupled, as did deductibles and co-pays. The Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable.

As for the deficit Obama promised to cut in half before the end of his first term, that didn’t happen.

As PolitiFact reported:

The president repeated the pledge the following day during a joint session of Congress: “And yesterday, I held a fiscal summit where I pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office.”

But as the deficit figures show, that bold promise has gone unfulfilled.

Obama took office in the middle of fiscal year 2009. At the time of his initial pledge, the president said his administration inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit, but the deficit for that fiscal year ultimately reached about $1.4 trillion.

In fiscal years 2010 and 2011, the annual deficits were roughly $1.3 trillion.

For fiscal year 2012, which ended Sept. 30, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated an annual deficit of about $1.1 trillion. That is the last full fiscal year during Obama’s first term.

So, the annual deficit has dropped during Obama’s time in office, but not by half.

Obama wasn’t even close to cutting the deficit by half by the end of his first term. And the national debt ballooned to $16 trillion by then.

So do I really need to tell you that Obama’s promise to “line by line eliminate wasteful programs” was a crock.

As you listen to Obama’s SOTU promises, notice the theme. Obama repeats many promises, seeming to forget he had made them a year or two earlier.

Next, ask yourself why the media never held this clown to his promises. If they had merely brought up some of the promises in press conferences, the world would have seen that America was ruled by a mad man.


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