FAIL: Counter-Demonstrations by Iranian Mullahs

FAIL: Counter-Demonstrations by Iranian Mullahs

I received this message from the NRCI (Iranian Resistance)

Failure of the mullahs’ counter-demonstration

Continuation of uprising in Tehran and other cities along with clashes with repressive forces

On Wednesday, January 3, despite the scandalous attempt of the regime to launch counter-demonstrations in some cities, the people in different cities came to the streets again on the seventh day of the uprising to cry their hatred of the ominous regime of mullahs.

For video of Tehran, go here.

In Tehran, in spite of the intensive presence of repressive forces, including police and intelligence forces, IRGC, Bassij, plainclothes and riot police and motorcyclist mercenaries, various parts of Tehran were host to demonstrations and confrontation of angry youths with repressive forces. In the streets of northern Kargar and Rustam, a severe conflict broke out between the people and the riot police.

In Enqelab Square, the riot police attacked the people who were chanting “Khamenei, shame on your deception”, “Death to the dictator” and “we die, but we take Iran back”; and a violent clash broke out between the criminal riot police and the people. Some young people were injured and harmed in these clashes, but others replaced them.

In Gandhi Street it is not possible to move to Enqelab Square due to heavy traffic and the people are rallying toward Enqelab Square chanting “Death to the dictator”. In the Jomhouri Ave. the people are demonstrating. In Valiasr Ave. the people chanted “I’ll kill whoever killed my brother” and clashed with the riot police.

In Kargar Ave. the crowd are rallying chanting “Death to the Dictator”, “I’ll kill whoever killed my brother”, “Death to Khamenei” and “We shall fight, we shall die, we shall take Iran back.” In the Keshavarz Boulevard too people rallied.

The clerical regime has installed shotguns on the roof of government buildings in the streets surrounding Enqelab Square.

In yet another event, the families of detainees in Tehran gathered in front of the Evin Prison today. According to the regime, 450 people were arrested in Tehran only in days December 30 till January 1st.

In fear of spread of the demonstration in Tehran, the mullahs’ regime has imposed a heavy filtering in the city.


Other cities:

Continued demonstrations and clashes in dozens of cities on the seventh day of the uprising

In Zahedan’s Shirabad district skirmishes between the people and anti-riot forces occured. The mercenaries are firing on people and people are confronting with stones.

In Ahvaz, the Basijis have come to the scene with police uniforms. The Basijis motorcyclists are moving with a lot of noise. The mercenaries rotate their weapons to exacerbate their intimidation atmosphere.

The brave youth of the Shadegan region (Ahvaz) are confronting the attacks of anti-riot guards with throwing stones.

In Bandar Abbas, the slogan of death to Khamenei, death to the dictator resonates everywhere.

In Dezful, the brave protesters shout Seyyed Ali shame on you, Let go the country, and clashes in the Sabzeh Ghaba neighborhood broke out.

In Malayer, a rumbling of the slogan of the nation begs, Ayatollah Khamenei acts like the Lord, has filled the atmosphere of the city.

In Isfahan, skirmishes broke out between the people who were chanting Seyyed Ali shame on you, leave your reign, and the riot forces. The anti-riot police officers shot directly at the people.

In Ghourtan in Isfahan, clashes broke out and the sound of blast is heard from the conflict zone.

Some law enforcement officers fled during a clash with the demonstrators in Joughabad, Isfahan. In Kermanshah, some police officers escaped the brave youth.

In Torbat Heydariyeh, a large crowd rallied on the street of Farmandary. People chanted slogans against the anti-riot forces: Do not be afraid, do not be afraid. We are all together. Leave Syria Think about us.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

January 3, 2017



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