In California GET ARRESTED for Feeding Homeless

In California GET ARRESTED for Feeding Homeless

Leave it to California to blow your sensibilities, again.

Where we last left off in the Leftist Utopian sanctuary, an illegal had shot and killed Kate Steinle. Then a jury declared him “not guilty by reason of moronism.”

But if that affront to the taxpaying citizens of California and the family of Kate Steinle wasn’t enough, check out this story.

The Huffington Post reports:

Volunteers in a Southern California city near San Diego face misdemeanor charges for handing out food to the homeless.

Police in El Cajon arrested around 12 people from the “Break The Ban” group who were distributing food and other items to the city’s homeless population at Wells Park on Sunday afternoon, according to multiple press reports.

Officers alleged that the group’s members were violating a ban on sharing food in city-owned public spaces, which the El Cajon City Council introduced in October 2017 to stop an outbreak of Hepatitis A.

Of course the volunteers feeding the homeless, despite the ordinance, point out that starving people does nothing to stop the spread of Hepatitis. Unless of course the leftist logic is that dead people don’t spread diseases. Still, it would be much better to come up with alternative solutions.

According to Mark Lane, one of the event organizers, the ordinance is based on an “excuse.”

“Yes, we have a problem with Hepatitis A but you don’t battle that by not feeding homeless people,” said Lane. “You battle that by giving them proper restroom facilities, proper hand washing facilities, and vaccinations, education.”
Matthew Schneck, who attended the event, said that if he was “going to be arrested for something, let it be for feeding the homeless.”

“I’m not going to apologize for doing the right thing,” he defiantly added.

Schneck tweeted his citation.


Later, the high school government teacher tweeted his shock regarding the traction his story generated.


It seems the outrage over arresting people for performing social services resonates on a global level.

The Hypocrisy

California overlooks the crimes of sneaking rapist, drug dealers, sex traffickers, and other pigs into society,but the state draws the line at feeding the homeless?

Ironically, if these homeless were illegals, California bend over backwards to get them housing, welfare, snap cards, transportation vouchers, medical insurance, and who knows what else. However, a private citizen is barred from sharing his own food with a homeless American.

Apparently, it ‘s a crime to look out for your fellow man.

More ironic is California’s growth in the homeless population. In Los Angeles County alone, the homeless rate jumped 23%.

And we know that nearly 40,000 US Military veterans go to bed homeless every single night. Can we not feed our former protectors either?

No Comment

Obviously, the city council and police detest the attention drawn to this situation. Therefore, they’ve issued the standard “no comment” reply. Of course, it’s pretty hard to justify the shortcomings of  a leftist policy.

For example, it was the leftist policies of sanctuary cities that led to the release of Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramires. He was supposed to be deported. Instead, Obama put him back on our streets. Then, after raping his beautiful 15-year-old stepdaughter, he murdered her, and her unborn baby.

We chronicle these stories over and over again. Still, leftists deny the culpability of their policies.

As for the no feeding ordinance, organizers challenged the city council with a food sharing event on the eve of MLK Day. The timing was no coincidence.

“Dr. Martin Luther King was deeply concerned about ending poverty and hunger in America,” its executive director, Norma Chavez Peterson, said in an online statement. “I have no doubt that if he were alive today, Dr. King would stand with people who would share food with the hungry; and he would stand against those who would call this a crime.”

As people starve, the government tells those who wish to feed them, “Let the homeless starve.”.

But you can bet at election time, the Leftists will pretend to care all over again.

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