French President SHOCKS WORLD: France Wants Trump Approach

French President SHOCKS WORLD: France Wants Trump Approach

When he grows up, France’s Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron wants to be Donald Trump. And the French people want to be Americans.

Who can blame them? Now that America has a true leader, the world measures differently.

Remember when Macron meet President Trump, it was said he tried the “white-knuckle handshake”? TBS wrote the following:

When Macron and Trump met the first time, he poked the tiger.

I was surprised not to see Trump tweeting himself body-slamming the young punk.

Later, the youngster invited President Trump to meet in Paris on Bastille Day. I certainly wanted to know why.

As CBS reported,

When the French President invited the American one to Paris, it was, on the face of it, to commemorate a famous anniversary. But as CBS News senior foreign correspondent Mark Phillips reports, the visit is also another chapter in what’s developing into a contest of wills between two leaders who are so similar, but so different.

Now Macron finds himself in trouble.

When asked recently about Brexit and his feelings on what the French people feel, Macron admitted what the Left want to be kept secret: the French people want out of the European Union.

Speaking to Andrew Marr on the BBC, Macron admitted that he would lose a French referendum on EU membership.


Asked about the Brexit vote, Macron commented to Marr:

“I am not the one to judge or comment on the decision of your people.

“But, my interpretation is that a lot of the losers of globalisation suddenly decided it was no more for them.”

Marr pushed Macron on whether Brexit was limited to those in the UK? Or could the same sentiment expressed in Britain be in France?

“If France had had the same referendum, it might have had the same result?”

Macron responded:

“Yes, probably, probably. Yes. In a similar context. But we have a very different context in France.”

As the Express UK reported,

Emmanuel Macron has sent shockwaves throughout Europe after he conceded that French voters would quit the EU if France held an in/out referendum on the Brussels-led bloc.

No other European Union country has risked putting membership of the bloc to a public vote since Britain surprised member-states by voting to leave the bloc in 2016,

In other words, the French people are just as fed up as the Brits.

But that’s not how the New World Order crowd sells it. They paint the Brits who voted for Brexit as radicals, right-winger xenophobes. Yet, in the very socialist France, the people feel much the same.

But that’s not how the fake news press in Europe sells this. The Independent UK writes:

More French people would be pleased to see the UK part with the European Union than stay part of it, according to new data.

A poll from YouGov found that 38 per cent of people in France want the UK to leave, versus 32 per cent who want the UK to stay. The rest were undecided.

Of those who wanted the UK to leave, 46 per cent said it should go “immediately”, while 50 per cent said the UK should leave after the Brexit negotiations have taken place.

While the vote to elect Macron over Marine Le Pen supposedly settled the question, with Macron’s comments come renewed questions over France’s stance.

Recall what The Sun UK reported in early 2017:

The 48-year-old, whose father Jean-Marie founded the party, has repeatedly praised the Leave campaign and advocated leaving the EU.

At a rally in Lyon last night she said: “The European Union has placed us under guardianship.

“We will have to find a compromise with Europe to regain sovereignty.”

If no compromise is found, Ms Le Pen said she wanted to organise a Frexit referendum “to resign from this nightmare and become free again”.

She told the EU Commission last year: “Brexit has really broken a taboo.

“The Brits have shown us that you can leave the European Union and you can come out better,” reported the Daily Mail.

I suspect this issue hasn’t been resolved. And President Trump continues to prove that national independence works better than unionization.

America proves to the world that honoring one’s sovereignty makes for a better and safer world. And you can bet the world watches as America continues winning in every category. Soon, the rest of the world will demand this type of leadership.



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