Fusion GPS Founder ADMITS Dossier Part of Personal Vendetta

Fusion GPS Founder ADMITS Dossier Part of Personal Vendetta

Glenn Simpson is the co-founder of the Fusion GPS research firm.

Would it surprise you to learn that Simpson adamantly opposed the election of Donald Trump.

Simpson finally admitted his negative opinions of the President might have tainted his work on the discredited dossier.

Might have? The dossier was about as real as Pamela Anderson’s boobs.

But what of Simpson’s background as a journalist? Yet, he acknowledges his inability to remain neutral.

As Breitbart elaborates:

In August 22 testimony released last week and reviewed in full by Breitbart News, Simpson made the following admission:

I think it’s safe to say that, you know, at some point probably early in 2016 I had reached a conclusion about Donald Trump as a businessman and his character and I was opposed to Donald Trump. I’m not going to pretend that that wouldn’t have entered into my thinking.

You know, again, I was a journalist my whole life. So we were, you know, trained not to take sides and practiced in not taking sides. So most of what I do as a research person is we try to avoid getting into situations where one’s etiology or political views would cloud your work because it’s a known hazard, but, you know, I reached an opinion about Donald Trump and his suitability to be president of the United States and I was concerned about whether he was the best person for the job.

Simpson was responding to a question about “concerns that the work being done was driven in a direction designed to reach a particular conclusion for a client or because of the client’s identity.”

In October, the Washington Post reported that in April 2016, attorney Marc E. Elias and his law firm Perkins Coie retained Fusion GPS to conduct the firm’s anti-Trump work on behalf of both Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Through Perkins Coie, Clinton’s campaign and the DNC continued to fund Fusion GPS until October 2016, days before Election Day, the Post reported.

In other words, every claim made by the Trump dossier stems from this one fact: Glenn Simpson didn’t like the idea of Trump being President.

Fast forward

Shortly before the inauguration of President Trump, BuzzFeed published the dossier with hopes of discrediting the President before he even took office. For the past year, the dossier has been examined from front to back, inside out. Yet, the only verifiable information we can find is this one fact. Clinton is behind the disparaging document.

As our team recently recalled:

Undoubtedly the documents contained numerous unverified claims of Trump’s financial ties to Russia, and salacious nonsense of Trump’s sexual habits.

Trump’s attorney was mentioned prominently in the dossier, which claimed that he met with Russian officials in Prague during the summer of 2016. Much to the chagrin of BuzzFeed and the Leftist establishment, Cohen repeatedly denied that such a meeting ever took place. Moreover and easily provable, Cohen says he’s never been to Prague.

Now one would think BuzzFeed or Mueller (Is this thing on?!) could verify that simple fact by way of the State Department. So if Cohen never went to Prague, it goes to prove that the meeting never took place.

And what of Cohen’s supposed “an inappropriate and possibly criminal relationship with the Russian government”, claimed in the dossier?

This claim stems from his relationship with his wife’s family. Cohen responded to this nonsense, saying his “wife was born in the Ukraine region and immigrated to the United States over … 40 years ago; she has never been to Russia.”

Again, a fact easily verified.

Of course none of the pertinent information in the dossier was verified. Yet, BuzzFeed recently exclaimed just how proud they were to publish the trashy debacle.

Under the headline, “I’m proud we published the Trump-Russia dossier,” Smith wrote that the file is “unquestionably real news.”

“We strongly believed that publishing the disputed document whose existence we and others were reporting was in the public interest,” Smith wrote, adding “the chorus of criticism of our decision to publish has faded.”

Did BuzzFeed even pay attention to the admissions made by Glen Simpson? They certainly cast even more doubt over the dossier.

Between the lawsuit Trump just filed and the testimony from Simpson, it’s pretty clear. There’s not much for BuzzFeed to celebrate.

Discredited Dossier

Still, several reputable news outlets alongside countless officials unite in their findings from the dossier.

  • First, the dossier makes rookie mistakes, such as misspelling the names of Russian officials.
  • Second, Attorney Michael Cohen’s paper trail proved his meetings in Prague never happened.
  • Third, even James Comey refuted the conspiracy theories.

As Breitbart continues:

In testimony in May, former FBI Director James Comey confirmed that the basis for the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia allegedly wanted Trump in office was not because the billionaire was, as Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) claimed during a hearing, “ensnared in” Russia’s “web of patronage” – just as the dossier alleged. Instead, the FBI chief provided two primary reasons for Russia’s alleged favoring of Trump over Clinton during the 2016 presidential race.

One reason, according to Comey, was that Putin “hated” Clinton and would have favored any Republican opponent. The second reason, Comey explained, was that Putin made an assessment that it would be easier to make a deal with a businessman than someone from the political class.

Comey’s statements are a far cry from the conspiracies fueled by the dossier alleging Putin held blackmail information on Trump.

Former acting CIA Director Michael Morell contends the dossier “doesn’t take you anywhere.” Which is why it’s so laughable that democrats hang all their hopes on this tabloid trash.

At the end of the day it’s just a document some Trump-hater came up with, and lucky for him, Clinton paid a pretty penny for his work of fiction.

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