Obama: GANGSTER President Who Tried to DESTROY Corporate America

Obama: GANGSTER President Who Tried to DESTROY Corporate America

Barack Obama claims he has created many jobs throughout his presidency. Instead, his policies killed corporations, and stifled innovation.

Like most Democrats, Obama loved things that looked good on paper. Forcing corporations to pay exorbitant taxes sounds good to his base. After all, the corporations aren’t entrepreneurs pouring their heart and soul into an idea they would risk everything for. To Leftists, corporations are government entities to be told what to do and when to do it.

Corporations create jobs, not government. Government creates mostly onerous regulations, ergo bureaucracy. But watch the moron many Americans wanted to be president proclaim, “corporations don’t create jobs.”.

Who believes the minimum wage to be a “raise”? Somebody with the intellect of a baboon, that’s who.

Further, what kind of imbecile doesn’t believe corporations create jobs? But not only do corporations create jobs, they know what the market will bear.

Companies vary and jobs vary. Why should all companies pay $15 per hour as a minimum wage? A welder or a manufacturing person might demand that as a minimum, but a fast-food worker doesn’t necessarily. There are many jobs that simply aren’t high demand. And for adults over 30 stuck in those jobs, face it: you squandered your life.

For Leftists, the logic is, “Why should a corporation decide what to pay people, when the government can establish a minimum wage.”

For them, one size indeed fits all. So the Left clamors for $15 minimum wage, which they cleverly deem a “livable wage”. Livable where?

Try living on $15 per hour in Manhattan. If the Left really cared about America, they would regulate cities. Why can you sell a one-bedroom condo almost anywhere in Manhattan for $1 million without blinking. Go to middle America see what you get for a mil. But the Left don’t seem to care about the profit-takers I see on Million Dollar Listing.

And what of that $15 minimum wage that steals jobs from youngsters looking for experience? Teens now must wait until they graduate from college with some snowflake degree before trying to enter the workforce?

Then there are the elderly, the group mostly on fixed incomes. What happens every time the government raises the minimum wage? The elderly take a pay cut. But for the Left, who cares? They don’t live long enough to vote in too many more elections.

But these are the arcane ideas of Barack Obama and Leftists who follow him. Keep in mind Obama is the same nitwit who believed Donald Trump would need a magic wand to keep a company in America.

I love this clip of Obama, so flippant and sure of himself. After all, if he, a community organizer couldn’t save jobs, how could a billionaire Wharton graduate do it?

And for the man who now wants people to believe President Trump benefits from the Obama economy, listen to his speech again. Obama said manufacturing wouldn’t return to America. He lost 17,000 in his last year, while President Trump brought 171,000 manufacturing jobs back to America.

But Trump was just getting started.

He gutted Obama’s EPA and removed egregious legislation from companies, putting $2 trillion of productivity back into the workplace. In case you’re wondering why the stock market sets record weekly, you just got your answer.

The new approach to capitalism invites companies back to the United States, including Ford, Softbank, US Steel, and others. Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma and Trump discussed the creation of one million new U.S. jobs alone, over the next five years.

“We had a great meeting, and a great, great entrepreneur, one of the best in the world. And he loves this country. And he loves China,”

Trump said. “Jack and I are going to do some great things.”

Ford pledged job creation by keeping a production plant in Kentucky rather than relocating to Mexico.

“We are encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of [the Lincoln Navigator] here in the U.S.,” Ford said in a statement.

None of these companies were considering their moves in America. Embarrassing for Obama, many of these moves were completed when Trump was only President-elect.

Then came the tax bill.

Most politicians didn’t think President Trump could pass the tax bill. And as with his election, Democrats predicted “doom and gloom” should the tax bill pass.

It passed. And just like the rest of America’s economy, the tax bill spurred companies to act on their own.

The breathing room of relaxed government interference and tax relief allowed companies to plan for the future. Many companies now invest more in R&D, innovation centers, marketing, and product development. Even better, some companies are giving back to employees, voluntarily.

Initially on passage of the tax bill, a handful of companies announced bonuses to employees. AT&T and American Airlines were early adopters. However, that list has grown to over 100, with no end in sight.

 Advance Financial

  • increase in 401(k) match; increase in profit sharing; increase in charitable donations. 

Alaska Airlines

  • $1,000 bonuses for 22,000 employees

 Bank of Hawaii

  • $1,000 bonuses to 2,074 employees; base wage increase from $12 to $15


 – $1,200 bonuses for 27,000 employees; base wage will rise from $12 to $15 per hour; $100 million in charitable donations

Fifth Third Bancorp

 – $1,000 bonuses for 13,500 employees; base wage will rise to $15

 PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

 — $1,000 bonuses to 47,500 employees; an additional $1,500 in employee pension accounts; base wage hike to $15; $200 million charitable contribution

 The Travelers Companies, Inc.

 — $1,000 bonuses for 14,000 employees; base wage raised to $15 per hour

You can read the full list here.

Further, John Kartch, ATR’s vice president of communications, told the Washington Examiner.

 “Small businesses from across the country are sending me news of their tax-cut bonuses, wage hikes, and charitable donations. Many of these were only announced internally. There is a broad and deep tsunami building,”

 “Every announcement of another company raising wages, hiring, paying bonuses, investing in America is another nail in the coffin of the Democrat attacks on the Republican tax cut. This drip, drip, drip is added to the daily reports on stock market gains, the bigger checks in pay envelopes and the jump in your 401K and IRA.”

I’d love to know how many companies gave across the board bonuses under Obama?

Let me save Leftists some time: it didn’t happen. That’s why Obama used government as a GANGSTER, forcing things like mandatory minimum wage hikes, he called “raises”.

From the man who never had to make payroll, I’m not surprised.

How pathetic for Obama to use the government to push hardworking entrepreneurs around. For Obama, businesses were merely extensions of his gangster government. And the gangster president used business as pawns.

President Trump sees business as the employers of government. But he recognizes the partnership, and the role government plays. Because government challenges business.

Build a better airplane, missile, or whatever. And there will be no better president to challenge American ingenuity than President Trump.

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