For Right Price Hillary Would Have LEASED Nuke Codes to Putin

For Right Price Hillary Would Have LEASED Nuke Codes to Putin

File this under, “Democrats tell you what they did when they accuse you”.

Remember when Hillary Clinton commented during her failed campaign that Donald Trump could not be trusted with the nuclear codes? Well guess who really couldn’t be trusted with them?

If you said, “Hillary!”, you’re on the right track. However, it turns out that Bill Clinton was a bit reckless with the “football”, as the briefcase is called.

Monica Showalter writes,

Reminding us once again that we dodged a bullet, or maybe a nuke, when we rejected Hillary Clinton for president, news is out that Bill Clinton lost the nuclear codes intended to protect America from a nuclear attack.  After that, he then tried to hide it.  The story can be read in Business Insider, which fished that detail up from a 2010 book.

Shelton and Cohen feared [that] the saga would reach the press and become an embarrassing story.  But word of the missing codes never made it out, and Shelton’s recounting of it in his 2010 book was, to his knowledge, the first time it had been shared publicly.

“This is a big deal – a gargantuan deal – and we dodged a silver bullet,” Shelton writes, adding: “You do whatever you can and think you have an infallible system, but somehow someone always seems to find a way to screw it up.”

This is the spouse of the woman whose mishandling of all the classified information of the State Department was described as “extremely careless” by her political ally, then-FBI director James Comey.

Talk about careless! These people can’t keep anything safe.

I’m surprised Hillary Clinton didn’t give the football to the Russians, when she gave them the “easy” button.

Here’s Clinton explaining how the reset failed.

Hillary Clinton can’t name a single successful policy during her tenure as Secretary of State. That’s because all she cared about was amassing millions of dollars of wealth through her crooked foundation.

Further, he want to be president was to merely perpetuate the larceny of that crooked organization. So Clinton accused Donald Trump of being the hothead. How could America trust him with the nuclear button?

But don’t dare question where Bill Clinton left the football. I suggest they look under some intern’s dress?

One can only imagine how careless Bill Clinton was in handling the nuclear codes, as he pursued poontang instead.

And what of Huma Abedin’s recently uncovered carelessness. We now know that Abedin had top secret emails on the laptop computer of a pedophile. Blackmail much?

Moreover, we learned that along with super secret emails, Abedin had passwords on the very same computers.

But as James Comey informed America, he could find no reason to prosecute Clinton, Abedin, et al, on issues that have landed every other America in prison.

It jibes with my editorial earlier this week, asking if Democrats can be trusted with passwords, even their own, given all the breaches we have seen with their camp.  They just don’t care because they see every responsibility as “the government’s job” and forget they are the government.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump had made such a breach? And given President Trump’s track record, it’s difficult to imagine him ever committing such a breach of national security.

We may never know what foreign intelligence gathered on Hillary Clinton. She claimed her server wasn’t hacked, but we know that’s not true. And remember her lax use of her unsecured cell phone?

Leftist rag Mediaite gave Clinton a pass on that, as reported here.

Much has been said about Hillary Clinton and her useof unsecured servers to exchange emails with her staff and others during her tenure as Secretary of State. Many have wondered why she would take such risks and, given how tedious and contentious the topic has become, she is likely wishing she never did.

The AP reported what could be an answer to the big “why?” on everyone’s minds: Clinton requested a secure smartphone from the National Security Agency in 2009. They said no. A month later, she began using her own BlackBerry to send and receive emails.

President Barack Obama was given a secure smartphone, prompting Clinton to request one as well. The State Department’s Donald R. Reidsaid at the time, “The current state of the art is not too user friendly, has no infrastructure at State, and is very expensive.”

Expensive? From the administration that doubled the national debt?

What could getting Clinton a phone like Obama’s cost? The same it cost for Obama’s, but I’m just guessing.

The fact is Clinton was clearly careless. Her agenda wasn’t about America’s foreign policy but about lining her pockets. And her husband was likely far worse.

Bill Clinton is so open for extortion, who knows what he’s selling these days. You certainly don’t get $500,000 to $1 million a speech because you’re such a great orator.



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