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James Comey Tweets on McCabe Firing: Stood Tall Under Attack from Small People

James Comey Tweets on McCabe Firing: Stood Tall Under Attack from Small People

James Comey fights from his subterranean rat hole. But soon that hole will be filled with water to flush him out.

The disgraced former Director of the FBI commented on the dismissal of his #1, yet another embarrassment for the formerly venerable organization.

In what appears to be a “Revenge of the Midgets”, Comey chimed in on McCabe’s firing:

Hours after it was announced that Andrew McCabe would be stepping down from his post at the FBI, former FBI Director James Comey responded to the surprising early departure of the agency’s deputy director on Twitter.

“Special Agent Andrew McCabe stood tall over the last 8 months, when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on. He served with distinction for two decades. I wish Andy well. I also wish continued strength for the rest of the FBI. America needs you,” Comey tweeted from his verified account on Monday night.

Coming from the former G-man who “lawyered up”, I’d trust that statement about as much as Mexican water.

Who exactly are the “small people”? The American people? Because all we big Americans want is truth.

The small people tearing down an institution was formerly represented by the 6′ 8″ cream puff named James Comey.

Despite the damage done by the FBI to itself, the fake news press tries to paint this as a Trump vendetta against McCabe. But the world knows the truth.

CNN continues,

McCabe was a central target of President Donald Trump’s ire toward the FBI over the investigation into potential collusion between his campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, as well as the bureau’s handling of former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s email case.

Comey was in a similar position — until Trump fired him in May. The Trump administration attributed Comey’s dismissal to his handling of the investigation into Clinton’s email server, but later Trump admitted that he was thinking of “this Russia thing” when he made the decision.

Both these men colluded with the Clinton campaign to exonerate Hillary Clinton. Worse, they did this at the behest of Barack Obama.

So to paint this as some sort of witch hunt by Trump is typical disingenuous fake new media nonsense.

If we operated in the real world, the entire management team of the FBI and in fact the Department of Justice would have been fired months ago. But due to optics, these Deep State operatives are allowed to continue their sedition.

Much to President Trump’s credit, he allows the Leftists to out themselves. Trump merely lies in wait as his prey draws near, then springs his traps. And the Democrats ensnare themselves every time. The Democrats are as predictable as their bible: Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Soon James Comey won’t be tweeting much.

He will be called before Congress to speak on the inner workings of his FBI. Moreover, his previous testimony will be called into question, which spells big trouble for Big Little Man.

If he’s scared of being alone with President Trump or rocking the boat with former AG Loretta Lynch, wait until he’s back under congressional spotlight as a potential perp.

The wheels have come off the wagon, and the Democrats know this. They did all they could to prevent the FISA memo from seeing the light of day, however the truth now emerges. McCabe represents the first of many “resignations” to come. And these optics won’t look good for the Democrats. They have unwittingly forced Mueller’s hand, and he now must “bitch-slap” his own people.

When the bough breaks the cradle will fall

It only takes one person to crack.

With the expectation of a Clinton presidency, many Leftists felt bulletproof. Now they have no protective cover, and many realize that. A handful of these people will want safety nets. When they are sure that the Clintons can’t get to them, the light will be shined on the cockroaches known as the Democrat leadership. And that leadership doesn’t just include the party’s apparatus, but also the FBI, NSA, FISA court, and others in Obama’s Department of InJustice.

As for James Comey, he knows the light of truth will shine on him soon. He will have nowhere to hide, and all the Twitter messages will be for naught. Comey will break. I suspect that all Comey’s Twitter posturing is proof that he already has broken.




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