OBAMA DOOMED: Legislators EXPLODE Over Revelations on FISA [VIDEO]

OBAMA DOOMED: Legislators EXPLODE Over Revelations on FISA [VIDEO]

The cake is about to hit the fan, as we’ve already written.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said the latest revelations would be Obama’s undoing.

“Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are devastating for the Dems. The whole image of a benevolent Barack Obama they’ve disingenuously tried to portray is about to be destroyed. The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see.”


I took it to the bank, deposited it, and got an immediate dividend check.

In other words, I believe Bongino. He’s a friend and a straight-shooter.

But Bongino’s not the only one.

In what amounts to be the best “tease” to date, Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) reinforces Bongino’s declaration when he tweeted:

“I viewed the classified report from House Intel relating to the FBI, FISA abuses, the infamous Russian dossier, and so-called “Russian collusion.” What I saw is absolutely shocking. This report needs to be released–now. Americans deserve the truth. 

Anybody think the Democrat establishment waits in fear?

I’d love to be in the war rooms of the media, the very people who have fomented this witch hunt against Trump. If you think the election night look on their faces were priceless, wait until heads begin to roll on this one.

In his remarks, Meadows said, “I thought this would never happen in a country that loves freedom!”

Unlike the Democrats, prone to hyperbole, I believe Meadows is genuinely shocked. And the number of shocked people grows, as more lawmakers demand that Speaker Paul Ryan release the memo.

Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted:

“The allegations contained in this intelligence document go to the very foundations of our democracy and they require an immediate release to the public.”

Democrat obstructionist Adam Schiff doesn’t want the memo seen, so you know it must be damning to the Democrats.

Ask me if I’m surprised. Uh…NO!

Republicans now have all the ammunition they need to destroy the Democrats.

You can bet DC Democrats are in sheer panic!

As I wrote this, I got curious. Surely Democrats would want to get to the truth as much as we do. So I searched #ReleaseTheMemo, the trending hashtag for this. I found NO Democrats demanding the memo be seen by the public.

Let’s see how long my tweet goes before a Democrat proves me wrong.

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