Obamacare Legacy: Doctor Reused One-Time Use Catheters

Obamacare Legacy: Doctor Reused One-Time Use Catheters

Who knows how many people were killed because of Obamacare?

The Left will never ask to find out, because the death rate likely rivals some Third World nation plague.

Obamacare was a menace to society, and thankfully the legislation soon gets unplugged from life-support.

In the meantime, we hear of stories like this.

As KMOV reports, a doctor cut corners in an ingenious way:

A New Jersey surgeon’s medical license has been temporarily suspended for allegedly reusing disposable anal catheters on multiple patients.

Attorney General Christopher Porrino says East Brunswick-based colon and rectal surgeon Sanjiv Patankar allegedly washed and reused the one-use catheters that are inserted into patients during medical procedures.

State officials say they have evidence that Patankar ordered only five catheters during time when he performed 82 procedures requiring them.

So you know what comes next. Lawsuits.

I can see the late-night attorney commercials now.

“If you were a patient of Dr. Patankar, then you might qualify for funds. Do you have issues with bowel movements? Have trouble from time to time going to the bathroom for #2? This could be because your catheter was not just used on you!”

Lawyers live for this nonsense. And legislation like Obamacare opens people up for lawsuits.

Who knows why this man cut corners, but you can bet it was to maximize profits, which is to say “cut losses”. And Obamacare created lots of losses. ONE guess as to who will foot the bill either way. More on this in a bit.

The article explains what happened to the good doctor.

The state Board of Medical Examiners unanimously voted to suspend the doctor’s license last week, saying he “placed patients in clear and imminent danger.”

Patankar’s license will remain temporarily suspended pending a full hearing in the state Office of Administrative Law and until the Board of Medical Examiners takes final action based on further findings.

Now here’s some potential irony. The savings.

What if the catheters could be used more than once? What if Dr. Patankar is on to something that could potentially save millions?

Don’t expect Leftists to care. These clowns never look for ways to save other people money. But if they get their cut, then you could sell baby parts for all they care.

Just to be clear, I’m not defending this doctor.

I have no idea what this instrument looks like. But you can bet many will quickly condemn him, without questioning his actions or motivations.

After dealing with Leftists as long as I have, I suggest we cut the doctor some slack before sending him to the gallows. I suspect Obamacare force the man to cut corners, as it has done many doctors.


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