Ominous Drudge Tweet Has Democrats Scrambling

Ominous Drudge Tweet Has Democrats Scrambling

Democrats are jumpy these days.

These clowns see snail trails in their LSD-like delusions of bringing down Trump. But they are about to get their “snap”.

Even Matt Drudge hinted that bad things are coming for three centerpieces of the Democrats’ plan to destroy Donald Trump

Winds of war…

Three words that have the Democrats wondering what befalls their crooked heads next. And it’s coming!

I wrote that 2018 will be a disastrous year for the Democrats. Further, the person who will suffer the most is former president Barack Obama.

The Left search feverishly for life lines, but to no avail. Nevertheless, their hopes were raised when it was learned that President Trump would be questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump told the press Wednesday that he is eager to sit down with Mueller in the next two-to-three weeks.

“I’m looking forward to it,” President Trump said.

“I would do it under oath,” he added.

President Trump performs with the calm of an innocent man. He has said from the beginning that he welcomes the investigation, and if they find that any of his team committed crimes, then do your job.

Not exactly how guilty people handle things.

Then Mueller stacked the deck against President Trump with pro-Clinton anti-Trumpers. Yet, Trump did nothing. The Left then baited him to fire Mueller, as that would be proof of his guilt, in their crazed opinions.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday warned congressional Republicans not to make any moves to remove special counsel Robert Mueller, saying such an attempt “will not be tolerated.” Holder tweeted:

“Speaking on behalf of the vast majority of the American people, Republicans in Congress be forewarned: any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated. These are BS attacks on him/his staff that are blatantly political-designed to hide the real wrongdoing. Country not party”

Nice try, Eric! He said exactly what he WANTED President Trump to do.

But President Trump set the trap, allowed Mueller to stay.

So now the Left clings to the hope that Trump’s supposed requests of loyalty of his staff is some act of treason. “Only a dictator would ask for loyalty in such a manner”, they shriek.

This retread of an earlier attack on Trump failed then, and it will fail again. Because who doesn’t want loyalty from their staff? Even the dumbest of Americans didn’t buy that crap.

All of the moves by the Left are to distract, but they haven’t.

2017 was the setup, as President Trump having confounded the elites got elected then hit “rock star” status with his performance in Year One. Trump made it difficult to argue against him, though Leftists continued.

Record DOW, and the Left bitched. Record year for the Retail industry, and the Left bitched. While Obama lost 17,000 manufacturing jobs in 2016, Trump gained 171,000 in 2017. The Left bitched.

In almost every sector, foreign and domestic President Trump made Obama look incompetent.

Then Trump took on the media as well as the FBI.

The Left decried his actions as sophomoric, dangerous, and wholly untrue. Then we found out the media colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and so did that venerable-turned-corrupt FBI. Trump wins…again!

Barack Obama’s Department of Justice matched the incompetence (and corrupt nature) of its leader. Because we learned in the witch hunt of Trump’s now debunked Russian collusion, that the FBI tried to stop him, potentially at all costs. And we learned this from the FBI.

The Leftist media provided cover for the FBI with amazing excuses.

  • It was just a couple of agents. Yes, who happened to free Clinton, and conspire against Trump on two “investigations”.
  • They were just being silly lovers. Yes, on taxpayer time
  • This proof proves nothing! And what of the 50,000 missing emails?

Damnit, Scooby Doo, if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

As the “Trump Russia Collusion” investigation continued, we learned about the “missing” 50,000 emails. These emails are missing only if you are an imbecile, and the dog ate your homework.

Then the FBI said, oopsy, even more emails not limited to the two agents in question were found. Nice recovery, FBI…NOT! Can you believe the FBI would offer an even more silly excuse after that first pass.

Now we learn that the Justice Department has begun the process to retrieve the missing text messages.

Winds of war…

This will only worsen for the Left. They drown, and flail as the media attempts to save them. They will both eventually drown.

And what America will learn soon is that we fought our biggest battle of the past few decades. We battled Leftism. The anti-American, New World Order government built by Leftism had consumed the body politic.

Luckily we stopped them in their tracks by allowing them to stop themselves. It was their arrogance and greed that defeated them.

Obama, Mueller, and Comey bring down the Democrats with their winds of war against Trump.


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