Oxford Study: Women CAN’T COMPETE with Men Academically

Oxford Study: Women CAN’T COMPETE with Men Academically

How’s this for equality? In an effort to raise test scores, Oxford University gave women an extra 15 minutes to complete exams.

According to officials at Oxford, allowing women more time on math and science exams is “academically demanding and fair”. Oxford implemented this new process, because 39 percent of women earn what are known as “first class degrees” in math, while 47 percent of men do so.

However, that doesn’t seem to hold true in the United States.

In 2014, the Huffington Post examined the new gender gap in education. According to current statistics, women are enrolling in and completing college at a higher rate than men these days.

Beginning in 1991, more women ages 25 to 29 had obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher than did men of the same age. The gap in college completion has widened in recent years because the rate of men earning degrees has flat lined while the rate of women earning degrees has continued to increase. Since 1969, the rate of women ages 25-29 earning degrees has risen some 20 percent while the rate of men of the same age earning degrees has barely increased so that now approximately 35 percent of all women have at least a bachelor’s degree compared to only 25 percent of men. The gap doesn’t discriminate based on race or ethnicity. Women now represent nearly three-fifths of graduate students.

Are British women just more stupid than their American counterparts? Or do they just have more time for feminism to take effect?

Stateside, Obama launched an initiative called “My Brother’s Keeper“. That project took aim at a problem we now have in the U.S. Thus, it was started to encourage more young black and Hispanic males to enroll in and complete college.

While we should celebrate that more women attend college and obtain degrees than ever before, we should be concerned that men are being left behind and that extremely little is being done about it. This trend has dire economic and social consequences. Men who don’t graduate from college earn less money, for example, than men who do. It also makes them more vulnerable to unemployment, which has a host of consequences that include a higher risk for criminal behavior.

So apparently, gender issues are geographical?

These studies certainly contradict each other. But one thing remains consistent: Leftism.

On the one hand, we have Oxford claiming women need more time to compete with men. And on the other hand we have the Obama Administration spending big money to make sure men can compete with women.

And then there is a Harvard study that reported men and women perform equally as well on high-pressure timed tests in math. Further, women far outperform men in low-pressure timed verbal exams.

From this vantage point, the only clear winners are the useless universities that profit on all these studies.

Appreciating Differences

Some Oxford officials claim they’d rather see a demonstration of true mathematical understanding instead of a race to the answer. If that’s the case, why not remove all time constraints? The same officials are quick to point out that women are more likely than men to check their answers. This would certainly slow down all test-takers. Did the study even bother to ask men if they checked their answers?

Notwithstanding, is it possible to admit that some differences between men and women are biological?

For example, boys are typically more active than girls. On the flip side, that makes them more restless when boys have to sit still for long periods of time. Even our brains develop in different ways.

As Psychology Today explains:

Male brains utilize nearly seven times more gray matter for activity while female brains utilize nearly ten times more white matter. What does this mean?

Gray matter areas of the brain are localized. They are information- and action-processing centers in specific splotches in a specific area of the brain. This can translate to a kind of tunnel vision when they are doing something. Once they are deeply engaged in a task or game, they may not demonstrate much sensitivity to other people or their surroundings.

White matter is the networking grid that connects the brain’s gray matter and other processing centers with one another. This profound brain-processing difference is probably one reason you may have noticed that girls tend to more quickly transition between tasks than boys do. The gray-white matter difference may explain why, in adulthood, females are great multi-taskers, while men excel in highly task-focused projects.

So no matter how much we try to make the genders identical, they remain fundamentally different.

What about the real world?

One questions Oxford University fails to address is how these extra minutes will translate into real world applications. Surely, college is still meant to be a preparation for the real world. Therefore, will bosses need to give women 15 minutes more to complete tasks at work?

If that becomes the standard, then won’t the 15 minutes become counter-productive in leveling the playing field? Because administrators are going to hire the people who get the job done the fastest. As the saying goes, time is money.

Personally, I never needed even 5 extra minutes to compete in my classes. Like most women, I resent the idea that I’m not as capable as my male counterparts.

And what of the transgender community. Should men-turned-women be warned? Or do they still have that advantage?

Further, what of God; seemingly male. For men spend less time finding answers to the mysteries of the world. Or maybe this study, and the multitude of others that look to minimize women are just Leftists nonsense? That’s my calculation. And I computed that as fast as any man.



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