President Trump’s DEVASTATING Message to Black Politicians

President Trump’s DEVASTATING Message to Black Politicians

I heard that Maxine Waters and some other Congressional Black Circus clowns won’t attend President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Almost all of America says, “Who cares!”

One can only wonder what corner we will find those pimps sitting in their Cadillacs. If you shine the light on them, they will be checking out each other’s fedoras and talking about their “bitches”.

Will these two black-face clowns be missed? Hell no.

As those black “resistors” stew in their own venom, President Trump will deliver the best State of the Union address in modern history. In his address, the president will explain to the world how he is so much better than the black president he replaced.

As Trump discusses all the progress he has made in Year One, his words will remind Leftists of all colors how feckless Obama was. Each glorious word by President Trump will feel like the thundering hooves of horses stampeding on the legacy of America’s first black president, and worst president in modern history.

Black Leftists will bash Trump’s speech, even calling the speech racist.

To back their nonsense, they will claim the speech has “coded” messages against blacks.

We documented such Leftist insanity documenting the Top 7 things Leftist declared racist in 2017. We began with Don Lemon, just in time for him to get drunk again for New Year’s 2018.

1. Don Lemon declares Trump’s Merry Christmas to be a “dog whistle” for racism to his base.

LEMON: “It’s war on Christmas rhetoric, not his war on Christmas. So let’s remember President Trump isn’t the only president who says merry Christmas, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama said it many, many times.”

 “So Margaret, this is a line that we have heard from Donald Trump many, many — so why does he continue? This is a dog whistle to the base because no one ever stopped saying Merry Christmas.”

Lemon pretends to ignore the obvious war on Christianity underway by the Left.

Look at the attack on Hobby Lobby for not wanting to fund birth control. Next they attacked Chick-fil-A for supporting the true definition of marriage. Lemon ignores the removal of nativity scenes and God from about everything. And what of Christian bakers sued for not baking “same-sex marriage” cakes.

Meanwhile Muslims promote their religion in the same schools where Leftists fight against the Pledge of Allegiance.

But as Lemon says, Obama said, “Merry Christmas” every year. So he must be a Christian.

I’d love to report to America that black Leftists have awakened, and understand how the Democrats have played them. But that’s not the case, at least for the majority.

However, there is a growing undercurrent in the black community that strengthens daily.

President Trump has doubled his support by blacks. And you can bet that number will grow as his presidency matures. However, problems still persist in black culture, that must be overcome.

Hot Air took an excerpt from Shelby Steele that speaks to blacks and freedom in America:

We can say that past oppression left us unprepared for freedom. This is certainly true. But it is no consolation. Freedom is just freedom. It is a condition, not an agent of change. It does not develop or uplift those who win it. Freedom holds us accountable no matter the disadvantages we inherit from the past. The tragedy in Chicago—rightly or wrongly—reflects on black America.

That’s why, in the face of freedom’s unsparing judgmentalism, we reflexively claim that freedom is a lie. We conjure elaborate narratives that give white racism new life in the present: “systemic” and “structural” racism, racist “microaggressions,” “white privilege,” and so on. All these narratives insist that blacks are still victims of racism, and that freedom’s accountability is an injustice.

We end up giving victimization the charisma of black authenticity. Suffering, poverty and underdevelopment are the things that make you “truly black.” Success and achievement throw your authenticity into question.

When the Congressional Black Circus can no longer get blacks frothing at the mouth over the dog whistles of racism, game over for Democrats.

I see the Trump administration as the first necessary step in bringing down the business of race pimping.

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