Democrats: President Trump Sure Acts Like He’s NOT GUILTY!

Democrats: President Trump Sure Acts Like He’s NOT GUILTY!

I wrote a while back that President Trump seems pretty at ease for a man under investigation.

And we aren’t talking about Mayberry cops, but the full force of the United States government, complete with a full cadre of swamp creatures. This type of investigation makes some people commit suicide. But not Donald Trump. 

He’s unfazed to say the least. Consider that President Trump created the best Year One presidency in modern era during the time when the entirety of the Obama-legacy corrupt government conjured up a fake narrative to bring him down.

Yet, President Trump performed like a rock star.

I know how guilty people act, having been there a time or two myself. You rehearse the lie over and over again, thinking of all the ways you must cover your tracks. Inevitably, you await your fate, because you simply can’t cover all your tracks.

President Trump isn’t scrambling. No cryptic tweets like James Comey. No texts to subordinates with ominous warnings. From my vantage point, President Trump appears as cool as the underside of a pillow.

Case in point, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller requested a meeting with President Trump. Much to the chagrin of the Left, the president declared that he would meet with Mueller…under oath.

Say what?

All the pundits declared, “It’s a trap!” In fact, I heard many call a meeting with the FBI or Special Prosecutors, the “perjury trap”.

They define the perjury trap as the FBI questions you over and over asking the same question in a different way. And when you are inconsistent, they yell, “GOTCHA!”.

You are hauled away in handcuffs, never to be seen again.

So if they ask President Trump if he colluded with the Russians, he’d better be careful in how he answers, “No.”

The perjury trap is for guilty people. President Trump is innocent, and he smelled out the real trap.

Have you thought about why the people saying Mueller is setting a TRAP say this? Because why would an innocent man be afraid of telling the truth?

I watch a lot of “cop TV”, and the police love it when people are forthcoming. When the person under suspicion cooperates in every way, and the police can verify alibis and so on, the police can then move on to the real culprit. In the case of the corrupt FBI, they were forced to move on to the real culprit: Hillary Clinton and almost the entirety of the Obama administration.

As for President Trump, he agreed to do what innocent people happily do: clear their names. And if Trump refused to meet with Mueller or said he wouldn’t testify under oath, people would declare him GUILTY!

What President Trump did was genius. He took away the Left’s ability to preemptively declare him guilty (again). And you can bet they wanted him to decline the “interview”. That’s why they warned of “traps”.

And now we have President Trump saying, “Release the memo!”. Again, not exactly the move of a guilty man.

According to The Hill,

Despite warnings from top officials at the agency, Trump reportedly told Attorney General Jeff Sessions through chief of staff John Kelly that he wants to see the memo released, believing that it will shed light on the special counsel investigation.

Trump “is inclined to have that released just because it will shed light,” a senior administration official told the Post.

“Apparently all the rumors are that it will shed light, it will help the investigators come to a conclusion,” the official added.

There will be no 33,000 deleted emails by Trump, when it comes to getting to the truth. Nor will the White House delete 50,000 text messages. President Trump dares to poke the toothless tiger, as he declares himself to be an open book.

Moreover, he now challenges the Democrats to follow suit.

Anti-Trump scandalous Democrat Adam Schiff doesn’t want the memo released. He’s called the information the Democrats requested, then provided by the Democrat Inspector General biased. Schiff said the information was prepared by Republicans, a blatant lie.

A government that acts against President Trump now suddenly fights for him? Even the most hard-core Democrats dismiss that insane notion.

And soon the world will see that Obama’s government was as crooked as that of any African dictator.



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