President Trump’s POWERFUL Message to the NFL

President Trump’s POWERFUL Message to the NFL

And they wonder why President Trump tweets?

President Trump delivers more powerful messages in a single tweet, than Obama delivered in hour long drone-fests. And in a message to the NFL, President Trump reminded Americans about kneeling.

The president referenced a tweet from Corey Jones.

And in that tweet, Jones showed why standing for the national anthem supersedes everything.

In the picture, a widow lays on the grave of her fallen veteran husband. Their young baby sits in a car seat nearby. It’s likely the man had yet to see his baby in person. And obviously he will never get to see his child grow up.

While the Left argues for the rights of the NFL kneelers–a group of spoiled rich punks–and tries to force America to see their nonsense of social justice, President Trump sets a different narrative. Trump showcased brilliance, as he pitted pretentious millionaires against the soul of the nation. Because anybody with common sense can see how wrong those players are for using the national anthem to fight their fake narrative battle.

And that’s why President Trump won this war. Yes, the war is over.

Colin Kaepernick stills sits at home on Sundays. That won’t change in 2018. The NFL continues its ratings slide, and that won’t change in 2018.

But what has changed and will continue to change is the way Americans now think about the country. America First isn’t a message for foreign governments to heed. That slogan is meant for Americans. 

America First is the modern-day equivalent of John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not…”

So for Kaepernick, he needed to “ask not” for the sake of black criminals and find a solution for society. To overlook the violence committed by black criminals, and point the finger of blame solely on law enforcement is disingenuous.

But Kaepernick wasn’t looking for solutions. He wanted fame and fortune. And had he won, he might be back in the NFL, neglecting the real problems.

The Kaepernicks of the world don’t help people. He threw around a bit of money in an effort to bolster his own standing. But truthfully, Kaepernick impacts very few, if anybody.

However, the impact of Donald Trump looms larger than life.

The NFL faces its biggest battle ever. As I wrote recently of the league,

January is not the time of year for the NFL to have empty seats.

The teams close out the regular season, and fans usually position to get those coveted tickets to watch their team fight for to get to the Super Bowl.

In 2018, not so much. As Pacific Pundit pointed out, Week 17 for the NFL doesn’t bode well:

Mercifully, the NFL regular season of 2017 comes to an end. As the NFL thug league prepares for the playoffs and more disrespect for millionaire players, today was the last day for most NFL thugs to disrespect the national anthem, flag and country. Didn’t look like many people were too interested in watching though as stadiums housing these NFL thugs were nearly empty and TV ratings continue to take a dump. The NFL and media will likely use the excuse about the bitter cold weather in the Midwest and east, but we know that’s pure BS.

The NFL used to represent Americana. However, that all ended when Kaepernick took a knee.

Unless the NFL recognizes this, they will suffer. Because Americans are smart, and they will support America every time.

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