Snowflake Obama Would Have Melted If Treated Like Trump

Snowflake Obama Would Have Melted If Treated Like Trump

Thank GOD the Left coddled Barack Obama.

Can you imagine how that little pansy would have melted under a fraction of the pressure of Donald Trump?

And this is what so bugs the Left. They have applied as much pressure as they can, and President Trump looks like he wakes up in fresh suits. But Obama, not so much.

Sure the Left present Obama as Mr. Cool Calm and Relaxed, but he wasn’t even close. He was easily ruffled, and smoked like a chimney behind the scenes to soothe his anxieties. But the media covered for the man.

Obama second-guessed himself his entire presidency. He flip-flopped on major issues so badly, even Leftists called him a time or two. But then, they saw his tears and quickly provided the “affirmative action” Obama butt-balm to heal his wounds.

If Obama had been allowed to feel real pressure, he would have folded like cheap lawn furniture. Think for a second about Obama’s toughest decisions in life. Things like, what old man would he entice with sex to get money to buy his pot?

The biggest challenge of Obama’s life up to politics was living the lie that he was anything close to what people believed him to be. Leftists saw the potential in him, but they knew using him required refinement.

In the end, they just surrounded him with people willing to do the dirty work.

Think Obama worked in college? A little, perhaps. But other people did the heavy lifting.

Professors coddled him. To become president of Harvard Law Review Obama was coddled. The first president of that hallowed organization to become so not based on academics.

Next, he was coddle in his jobs. Only one job offer, Obama took it. People at the law firm where he “lazed” said Obama was indeed lazy. So much so, he ended up a “community organizer”. Who graduates from Harvard as President of Law Review and becomes a “community organizer”? A loser, that’s who.

But the Left still saw the potential. They allowed their slacker to just “dazzle” people with words.

When Obama became a congressman by using the very tricks he learned as a community organizer, he started to feel a bit of pressure. But in order to ease the pressure, Obama merely tagged along bills written by others. The man was a prolific “tagger”, but wrote very few bills himself. His record was dismal, but the Left didn’t care. At least he now had a record.

Obama then got his house with ease. His crooked former employer Tony Rezko made sure Obama easily qualified for a house that technically he didn’t qualify for.

His next trick, win the Senate.

Normally easier said than done. But in Obama’s case, winning the Senate was relatively easy. Obama’s handlers cashed in a few chips to make that happen, and the die was cast.

2004 Convention, and he was the belle of the ball.

The Junior Senator from Illinois had stolen the spotlight. He didn’t work hard to raise money for elections, as the money came to him. This was true in every one of his races.

And when Obama admitted that he wasn’t ready for the presidency, he ran anyway. Leftists didn’t care. They were used to coddling him, and America’s racially healing was overdue.

So Obama easily raised more money for an election than anybody in history. And he won the presidency almost as easily, crushing John McCain. How easy was that.

When Obama entered the presidency, the Left performed a coronation. I recall at the time saying Obama even backed off the hoopla, saying to the public in effect, I’m no miracle worker.

And no he wasn’t.

Obama began with multiple blunders, not including his worthless staff. I won’t bother going line item detail, as that would be too embarrassing for Leftists. But just look at his first year as The Guardian saw it.

Clearly, his first year took its toll.

But if we remind ourselves of the state of the country when he took office, and the distance we have come since that moment, in terms of policy achievements alone, it’s almost impossible to argue that Obama’s first year wasn’t an extraordinary success.

Let’s start in the only reasonable place to start: the economy. When Obama entered the White House, the potential for a second Great Depression was very real. The start of his falling poll numbers came from the state of the economy forcing the president to do things that were wildly unpopular, like bailing out the banks and auto industry, and advocating for and passing a nearly $800bn economic stimulus package.

A year later, the economy didn’t collapse. According to president’s Council of Economic Advisers, the stimulus has already saved or created two million jobs, meaning that, without action, unemployment would be closer to 11.2%.

That’s as nice as you can put things.

  • Obama lost almost 5 million jobs his first year. This is why they touted how many jobs he “saved” his first year.
  • Unemployment was fudged as people stopped looking for jobs.
  • The welfare roles swelled to unimaginable numbers.
  • Our GDP fell, as did our credit rating.
  • Our debt grew by trillions and he was just getting started.

In short, Obama pissed on America and the media told us it was raining. But then he pissed on the Democrats.

After huge losses in 2010, Democrats supported Obama. Then again in 2014, the Left stayed the course. By 2016 Obama had lost over 1000 Democrat seats around the country, and nary a word from the Left.

Scandals galore, and the press said nothing. Fast and Furious, silence. Benghazi lies, silence. IRS terrorizing Conservatives, the VA killing veterans, black thugs killing everybody, and the press gave him a pass.

Then we find out that he tried to rig the election for Hillary Clinton. Who does the press say did this? Trump.

Obama would be a puddle of mush if he received anywhere near the treatment of President Trump.





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