Trump Bomb: FISA Memo Will Be Released

Trump Bomb: FISA Memo Will Be Released

After the SOTU swept the nation, Trump had one more revelation.

There’s no holding back the FISA memo. 

Reporters overheard the good news as Trump exited the White House chamber after his address to the nation. Rep. Jeff Duncan called out, asking for the memo to be released.

Trump wasted no time reassuring his base.

Rep. Devin Nunes authored the memo, which spells out exactly how the Russian Investigation began as a witch hunt. Further, releasing the memo should be the final nail in the coffin for liberals.

Memo Will Ruin Adam Schiff

Earlier this week, Rep Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox and Friends. According to Gowdy, this memo will prove to be very embarrassing to leftists.

Gowdy elaborates:

My Democratic colleagues didn’t want us to find this information. They did everything they could to keep us from finding this information.

I think it will be embarrassing to Adam Schiff once people realize the extent to which he went to keep them from learning any of this. That would be the embarrassment…

I mean, going to court to help Fusion GPS so we can’t find out they paid for the dossier, and that they were working for the DNC. That’s a pretty big step to go to court to try to keep the American people from learning something. So, if it were up to Adam Schiff, you wouldn’t know about Hillary Clinton’s email. You wouldn’t know about the server. You wouldn’t know about the dossier. I do find it ironic that he has his own memo right now because if it were up to him, we wouldn’t know any of it.

As we previously explained, Adam Schiff pushed the fake narrative more than the average democrat. Thus, he will face the music when the FISA memo is released.

In multiple interviews Schiff pretended to want to get to the bottom of Russian collusion within the Trump campaign.

He had this to say on CNN:

“They’ve used hacking. They’ve used dumping. And they’ve used paid media trolls. Some of those devices, we know they used here. Others we need to investigate,” Schiff contended.

And he said this on MSNBC:

“I can tell you that the case is more than that,” Schiff told Chuck Todd on MSNBC. “And I can’t go into the particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now.”
But now, the FISA abuse memo hangs in the balance of being released to the public which will completely squash the fake narrative Schiff and others have been pushing for so long.

FISA Details

Once Trump unleashed claims that Obama wiretapped him, both sides started investigating. On the right, Rep.Devin Nunes made some startling discoveries. Among those unearthings is the inappropriate unmasking of Trump team members. Shortly thereafter, Nunes held a press conference to share some of his findings.

Here’s what we wrote at the time:

More damning is the fact that citizens affiliated with Trump’s team who were unmasked were not, I repeat NOT associated with any intelligence about Russia or other foreign intelligence.

This is a despicable political power play by Obama to ensure either the ascendancy of Hillary to the White House, or the total interference of an incoming president’s administration.

The initial, seemingly illegal unmasking led to other surveillance, causing other private citizens being wrongly unmasked as well.

“Unmasking is not unprecedented, but unmasking for political purposes … specifically of Trump transition team members … is highly suspect and questionable,” an intelligence source told Fox News. “Opposition by some in the intelligence agencies who were very connected to the Obama and Clinton teams was strong. After Trump was elected, they decided they were going to ruin his presidency by picking them off one by one.”

For months, Republicans held on to the memo. Perhaps, they wanted to let Democrats hang themselves before the GOP played one of their best cards. Rest assured, the memo will be released. Thus, dems will soon do the walk of shame.

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