CNN MELTDOWN: Trump Calls DACA Government Shutdown “Schumer Shutdown” [VIDEO]

CNN MELTDOWN: Trump Calls DACA Government Shutdown “Schumer Shutdown” [VIDEO]

Donald Trump is a certifiable genius. He got elected by giving his opponents nicknames, and he just guaranteed that the Democrats will burn over DACA.

I wrote recently that the president has already won the war on DACA. He allows the Democrats to believe they remain in the game, but this game has been called, and the bookies paid off. The winner: Donald Trump.

First, Donald Trump the candidate made it abundantly clear that he understands the issues of “Dreamers”. He’s all for immigration reform. So, this presents a major problem for the Left to pretend President Trump doesn’t care. Because President Trump keeps the promises of candidate Trump “like nobody’s business.” He will keep his promises on immigration reform, and that means some movement on DACA.

Trump proved this, when he called a bipartisan meeting, where he looked anything but “unhinged”. He allowed the American people to see how he works with both Democrats and Republicans, neither of which are necessarily in his corner. What America witnessed was a level-headed leader, willing to listen to the debate. In that meeting, Dianne Feinstein proposed what the Democrats wanted, and the president alluded to what he wanted.

But the Democrats blew what little chance they had of saving face.

In a recent press conference, Mick Mulvaney put the lights out on CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Jim Acosta: At the comments beginning this you said it was the Schumer shutdown. How could it be the Schumer Shutdown when Republicans control the White House, the House and the Senate?

Mick Mulvaney: Come on. You know the answer to that as well as anybody. I have to laugh when people say that. ‘Oh we control the House, the Senate, the White House, why can’t you get this done?’ You know as well as anybody that it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass an appropriations bill. Right? You know that?

Jim Acosta: I know that.

Mick Mulvaney: So when you only have 51 votes in the senate you have to have Democrat support in order to keep the government to fund the government. So that’s the answer to your question.

There is was, spoken in an official White House presser. The Schumer Shutdown.

No matter what anybody tries to call a government shutdown, it will forever be the Schumer Shutdown. But don’t believe me, just ask “Crooked Hillary”.

Or you could check with the “fake news media”.

Trump is genius for this type of tactic. My friend and movie producer Joel Gilbert did a film about Trump’s ability to use what Joel calls, Art of the Insult:

Donald Trump dominated the 2016 Presidential race with a master plan of political incorrectness, using The Art of the Insult to brand political opponents and bash the media all the way to the White House. In this film, Trump emerges as a marketing genius and performance artist who, despite being a Manhattan billionaire, captured the hearts of middle America. Critics are calling Trump: The Art of the Insult “the most entertaining political film ever!”

I screened the film. And after seeing all the nicknames in one location, I fully understand what’s happening right now with Chuck Schumer, and the Schumer Shutdown.

Mark my words, the Democrats will rue the day they supported DACA. Americans at every level will see that Democrats care more about illegals than citizens. Worse, Democrats care more about illegals than our military.

Trump is the master negotiator and he just showcased the art of the deal, as well as the art of the insult.


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