Trump to Schumer: I Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists

Trump to Schumer: I Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists

Democrats thought they could hold the country hostage over illegal immigrants.

They thought wrong. And then they CAVED!

Democrats folded before the sunset on the third day of the Schumer shutdown. Schumer folded, just as we predicted.

 And now the Dreamers are in limbo, with only the Democrats to blame.

And Leftists would love to forget when Obama crushed the dreams of the Dreamers himself.

If anybody killed the Leftists “wet dream” version of DACA, Obama accomplished it.

Remember when he created the unconstitutional legislation by Executive Order?

President Trump rescinded the unconstitutional measure and did what Obama should have done. Trump sent the measure to Congress and asked them to act.

The irony is, that Obama received praise for his dictatorial act. Yet, when Trump acts appropriately, Democrats call him a dictator.

Let’s all say it together: in the end, Trump will win.

That’s what President Trump does. WIN! He did it with taxes, soon Obamacare, and then DACA his way.

Schumer tried to spin his loss. He said something like, “The man who wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ didn’t deal.”

Au contraire. Trump dealt a death blow to the hapless Democrats and specifically to Schumer. The Democrats got zero, zilch, nada. And when February 8 rolls around, they get to rinse and repeat.

Demands From the Left

Republicans stood firm as the midnight deadline loomed Friday night. Meanwhile, Democrats stuck their heads in the sand.

Unfortunately, democrats didn’t have a single tangible objection to the proposed spending bill. They stupidly bet solely on DACA, the idea to keep 800,000 illegals in America at the expense of the safety of Americans. Throw in the military angle, and you have a recipe for failure for the Left. But they took the bait.

As CNBC writes:

Now the Senate has voted to pass the continuing resolution in return for a promise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to take the DACA bill up in a vote by Feb. 8. In other words, the Democrats won the minor concession of moving the end date of the continuing resolution up one week along with McConnell’s promise of the DACA vote.

On the flip side, Trump’s refusal to cave to the Democrats and his aggressive Twitter barbs launched at them has endeared him to his conservative base. McConnell has reasserted himself as the master of the Senate’s procedure and schedule. Oh, and it looks like the Democrats have also agreed to give in to Trump’s demand to fund his plans for an augmented border wall.

Sadly, Democrats thought nothing of shutting down the government to aid the dreamers. Yet, they completely ignored the military troops who wouldn’t get paid during the shutdown. According to leftist logic, the people who break the law deserve more than those who protect it.

The Media’s Role

Although the mainstream media doesn’t really gravitate towards Trump, sometimes you’ve got to call a spade a spade. Sure, news outlets weren’t singing Trump’s praises, but they also weren’t giving Dems a pass on their ridiculous holdout.

CNBC continues:

Even the New York Times in its lead paragraph of its initial shutdown story made it clear it was the Democrats who were unifying to shut the government down. The Associated Press sent out a headline used by outlets across the country that clearly said: “Senate Democrats derail bill to avert shutdown.” At best, the major news outlets found naming those responsible for the shutdown to be more complex than usual.

Ironically, CNN- the ultimate Trump bashers, played a role in putting leftists in their place. CNN questioned viewers about the Schumer Shutdown. Their poll probably had Nancy Pelosi turning over in her sleep.

As CNN discovered, 56% of Americans thought avoiding the shutdown was far more important that any DACA legislation.

Clearly, Americans on both sides noticed the fatal flaw of the left. To not see the inevitable outcome proves the Democrats are slipping badly. However, the man the Left calls “unhinged” comes out smelling like he just left the spa at Trump Tower.

Ultimately, what do Leftists have to show for themselves? Embarrassment.

As one Twitterer put it, “The Democrats now know how Republicans felt before Trump!”

Democrats blinked, and now President Trump knows their tells. With all the Democrats have looming, only a fool sees them improving their bluff position any time soon because President Trump made one thing clear: he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.


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