TV Crew Tries to Sneak FAKE BOMB into Newark Airport

TV Crew Tries to Sneak FAKE BOMB into Newark Airport

Wow, as if the press doesn’t have enough problems, now this?!

Who knows the motivation of this film crew, however their tactics certainly makes you take pause.

According to the New York Post, a TV crew attempted to sneak in contraband into the Newark Airport:

Seven members of a cable TV crew were arrested at Newark Airport on Thursday after trying to film themselves passing a fake explosive device through a security checkpoint and onto a plane, according to reports.

The crew was working for the cable network CNBC, according to

The fake explosive device was in a carry-on bag and never made it past security, Transportation Security Administration spokesman Michael McCarthy said.

“They failed, were caught and were arrested on multiple charges,” he said, without elaborating on the charges.

The crew members could also be assessed civil penalties in the tens of thousands of dollars, he said.

A law enforcement source told that the fake explosive consisted of a piece of PVC pipe with wires sticking out of it.

Another source told the website that the crew was employed by Endemol Shine Group, a Dutch production company that contracts with CNBC; Endemol also produces MasterChef and The Biggest Loser.

In this case, the biggest loser is the media.

No wonder President Trump rightfully deems the media “fake news”. As you can see, fake news isn’t limited to CNN.

Aside from the public panic the fake bomb could cause, what are the other public safety implications?

Remember Ahmed Mohamed, better known as “Clock Boy”?

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed’s go-to hobby is invention. His latest creation was a clock, built inside a $5-10 metal box that included a digital display and a circuit board.

On Monday, Mohamed took the clock to his high school in Irving, Texas. But when a teacher mistook it for a hoax bomb, the teenager was arrested, interrogated and taken to a juvenile detention center before his parents retrieved him.

“It made me feel like I wasn’t human. It made me feel like I was a criminal,” Mohamed told Dallas Morning News in an interview today.

Ahmed was suspended for three days.

America finally regained her sanity, and we expelled that terrorist and his jihad-loving family.

We have no room for people who toy with the lives of Americans. Those who believe our safety against terrorism is a joke.

Like Clock Boy, this crew was up to no good. Because Leftists attempt to set narratives all the time.

My bet is one of these clowns was going to pose as a Muslim at the airport, as the crew watched the “fun” ensue.

Leftists will claim they were testing the security of the airport, or some other nonsense. But they were obviously up to no good. Because nobody brings a fake bomb, fake gun, even a fake knife to the airport.

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