Twitter Security Specialist on HIDDEN CAMERA Threatens to Turn Over Trump’s Tweets

Twitter Security Specialist on HIDDEN CAMERA Threatens to Turn Over Trump’s Tweets

Trust social media? If you do, then you’re naive.

Because the social media giants are just as bad as the NSA.

Mark Zuckerberg laughed and mocked his members for so readily giving him access to their data. His terms of use could read “Facebook owns you and all the information you put on our site, and you have no recourse”, and people would gladly sign up.

What do these people do with that data? Well these Leftist social media giants tell us they do nothing nefarious. They are fair in how their treat us. Moreover they would never do anything to violate our trust.

Check out the latest video from Project Veritas, where Clay Haynes threatens to turn over Trump’s tweets.

That’s right, a senior network security engineer knows everything President Trump has tweeted or deleted. And he’s prepared to save the Republic by divulging that data.

Remind me why he isn’t in PRISON?!

Of course he wouldn’t do it directly. He would take the James B. Comey approach. Remember how Comey decided to violate Department of Justice rules about leaking evidence:

Comey admitted in congressional testimony in June 2017 that he had given his friend, Columbia University Professor Daniel Richman, his memos about discussions with Trump in order to have his notes leaked to The New York Times — hoping to spur the appointmentof a special counsel to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Sure, because that’s protocol for how things are handled in Comey’s FBI.

Back to social media and data

As CNN reported, for the Fed, mining citizens’ data is standard operating procedure.

In addition to phone records and email logs, the National Security Agency uses Facebook and other social media profiles to create maps of social connections — including those of American citizens.

The revelation was disclosed by the New York Times on Sunday, using documents provided to the newspaper by former government contractor Edward Snowden.

“We assume as Americans that if somebody in the government is looking at your information, it’s because they have a reason, because you’re suspected of a crime,” Karen Greenberg, director of the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School, told CNN.

But the documents do not specify how many Americans’ social connections have been analyzed, or whether any have been implicated in wrongdoing.

And when the government can’t get the data directly, they compel the social media companies to comply.

At least that’s what Obama’s government did. But the tactics are what I find most interesting.

Tens of thousands of accounts associated with customers of Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Yahoo have their data turned over to US government authorities every six months as the result of secret court orders, the tech giants disclosed for the first time on Monday.

As part of a transparency deal reached last week with the Justice Department, four of the tech firms that participate in the National Security Agency’s Prism effort, which collects largely overseas internet communications, released more information about the volume of data the US demands they provide than they have ever previously been permitted to disclose.

But the terms of the deal prevent the companies from itemising the collection, beyond bands of thousands of data requests served on them by a secret surveillance court. The companies must also delay by six months disclosing information on the most recent requests – terms the Justice Department negotiated to end a transparency lawsuit before the so-called Fisa court that was brought by the companies.

Sort of reminds me on how the Russian dossier came to be.

And then the worst case of datamining. When a chump working for a social media giant decides he wants to know more about somebody. Or as in the case of Twitter, a low-level puke decides he wants to attempt to blackmail the president.

Well if the Russians couldn’t do it, certainly no Twitter dweeb could.

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