White House Releases AUDIO Proving Wall Street Journal LIED

White House Releases AUDIO Proving Wall Street Journal LIED

I was on Fox News’ show “Outnumbered” a while back, and I argued with Marie Harf.

I don’t recall what was said, except that Marie Harf used the Wall Street Journal to bolster her idiotic notion. Her specific comment was, “You think the Wall Street Journal is a Leftist source?” 

I replied, “Yes, it is!” She was shocked.

I remember when I learned that the WSJ was little more than Leftist propaganda, no better than the fake news New York Times, CNN, or the Washington Post. The only way these periodicals survive is by the mercy of billionaire Leftists, or some archaic agreements with airports. Left to their own demise, they would all die on the vine, and rightfully so.

Friday, the WSJ accused Trump of paying off a porn star. She issued a letter denying it, leaving little doubt of who lied.

It’s obvious the WSJ didn’t verify this claim. It’s as if the lamestream media runs stories only to suit their agenda.

But then the WSJ went further. The following day, the WSJ conducted an interview with President Trump. The reporter claimed that President Trump said he has a good relationship with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un.

What the president said was that he could’ve had a good relationship with the man.

White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders corrected the record. Further, she reinforced the president’s point about fake news, adding WSJ to the list.


The president tweet on this. And in a separate tweet, he said that the White House has learned its lesson, and now records conversations with fake news journalists.

And here’s the audio.

Let’s see how the media starts handling interviews now that they know the president has “Trump Cam”.

These people are worse than street thugs. 

President Trump is likely the most accessible president in the modern era. Further, he leaves little doubt as to his views. Yet, the press still plays their silly games.

I can’t recall a time in history where I and other Americans felt such a lack of respect for the press. I truly get almost no news from the previously most trusted news sources in the world. Now I question every story, look for nefarious motives.

Honestly, it will take a lot for me to ever trust the press again. And I’m sure I’m not the only American who believes that. But it seems as if the press doesn’t really care.

Like politics, Trump offers to clean up the press. One would think they would welcome this much needed eventuality. The problem is the media has been allowed a pass for so long, the actually believe they are doing the public good.

I heard CNN fake news anchor Don Lemon say, [pp] “The average person at home doesn’t know what’s happening here,” as if he needed to explain it. Lemon feels “elite”, because he appears on TV.






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