You MUST See President Trump’s Border Wall [VIDEO]

You MUST See President Trump’s Border Wall [VIDEO]

Talk about punching all the buttons. Trump’s wall has it all.

This wall is a manufacturing marvel. Protection, beauty, and it’s even green. Because of some of the features, even Leftists will find it difficult to complain.

The Left continues their attack on the wall. And as the Washington Examiner reported, Trump’s wall has been compared to that of East Berlin’s.

The CBS Evening News began the New Year last night with a new hit on President Trump, this one comparing his promise to build a border wall to keep illegals out to East Germany’s Berlin Wall put up to keep its citizens from escaping communism.

“Do walls really work? Mark Phillips went to Berlin to find out,” said anchor Jericka Duncan in our Mainstream Media Scream of the week.

Nice try, except, America has a legal immigration system that allows Mexicans (and anybody else) to come to the United States.

A travel writer wrote of the impact of the proposed wall, and check out what one Mexico native said:

I came to downtown Cancun to investigate how local people are reacting to the current political affairs and what the impact could be on their livelihoods. I was fortunate to cross paths with two local business owners who were willing to discuss this issue with me.

Juan Duran, owner of Los Pollos Amigos, a family run restaurant in downtown Cancun, shared his perspective with me. “I respect the United States, but I do not agree with Trump. I do not share the hard and severe policy towards migrants. Here in Cancun, I see the reflection of how deportees return, there is more violence and more youth joining drug cartels. They feel they have no other choice but to do that. This is a very hard, sad fact because both governments seem to do nothing. I feel both countries need to form a strategy that benefits both countries. This is not a time to make harsh decisions and appear inhuman. Not everything is as appears on the news, the reality is completely different.”

He claims the United States has a “hard policy towards migrants”. That’s a lie.

We now have a hard policy towards illegals. But it’s what he said next that struck me.

“I see the reflection of how deportees return, there is more violence and more youth joining drug cartels. They feel they have no other choice but to do that.”

In other words, how dare the United States deport gangsters back to Mexico who then join the drug cartels. And what responsibility does Mexico have to build an economy that employs its people? Then what of protecting its citizens. When did these issues become the problem of the United States?

Clearly the wall has advantages to stop the export of Mexican due to these failures of their government.

But the wall has many features that will make the argument against it difficult for whining Leftists.

First, the wall creates jobs. And not just the jobs of construction, but jobs associated with the materials needed for construction. Cement, steel, and a host of technology products will make up this wall. In fact, the wall may be so well done, it could bring tourism, like the Great Wall of China.

Check out this write-up about The Great Wall of China. It’s certainly not depicted as racist.

The Great Wall is far more than a triumph of engineering. It is a direct link with the legendary emperors of China’s past, and seems to embody our sense of China as a nation separate from the rest of the world. To see the wall – made from brick, stone, tamped earth and wood – snaking away over the parched mountainsides of northern China – is to imagine more than two millennia of cultural isolation and political resistance.

Many people are satisfied with a day trip, but for those who want to explore, it’s possible to run or cycle along sections, take a helicopter flight, spend a night beside the wall in a boutique hotel, or even sleep in a watchtower. There are cable cars and toboggan rides for those travelling with children. Many people combine the Wall with visits to the Ming tombs, Eastern Qing tombs, the Ming-era village of Chuandixia or the Qing-era summer palace at Chendge.

The history

The Great Wall is a series of fortifications that stretches from Shanhaiguan, on the Bohai Sea, to Lop Lake in the Gobi Desert. It roughly marks the southern edge of Inner Mongolia – formerly part of Genghis Khan’s Mongol empire.

Walls were erected in northern China from the eighth century BC onwards, though building was sporadic. During the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC), a connected Great Wall was begun as part of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s project to unify China. From the earliest days, the wall had beacon towers — from which flag, gunpowder and smoke signals were sent, creating the world’s first telegraphy system.

The article is titled: The Great Wall of China: The Trip of a Lifetime.

Do a Google search of The Great Wall and you get tour packages out the wazoo. Why can’t this happen in America?

Unlike China’s wall, Trump’s wall is “green”.

The Great Wall of Trump could supply power to border towns. The Washington Post claimed solar isn’t happening:

So much for solar.

President Trump insisted that a solar paneled border wall wasn’t a joke. That it was his idea. That solar panels would help pay for his “big, beautiful” wall.

But despite Trump’s oft-repeated promotion of a solar wall, there is nary a solar panel in sight among the eight prototypes that have arisen in San Diego county this month.

Like most Leftists, they believe what they want to believe. Did they bother to ask about the entire project or just the 8 prototype walls?

In Sept of last year companies began submitting prototypes for the wall. As the Washington Times reported:

Homeland Security said it began construction Tuesday on the prototypes for President Trump’s new border wall.

In a short notice, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the building began in San Diego on eight prototypes, which had been awarded over the summer.

Four of the prototypes are concrete walls and four are nonconcrete designs, all selected from dozens of proposals submitted by contractors earlier this year.

“We are committed to securing our border, and that includes constructing border walls,” said Ronald Vitiello, acting deputy commissioner at CBP.

The agency released a video showing equipment being unloaded and the ground being dug out at the site.

The prototypes are designed to test out new approaches, materials, strategies and technology as Homeland Security pushes forward with Mr. Trump’s goal of a border wall.

Popular Mechanics wrote that the solar wall may not be good for the environment. I wonder if they would have said that had Obama wanted to build the wall?


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