Youngest Black Republicans Elected to Office in Connecticut

Youngest Black Republicans Elected to Office in Connecticut

If these black men were Democrats, you’d know the entire story.

But the Left doesn’t want you to know about, shhh…black Republicans. And black Leftists, allow me to help you out: “UNCLE TOMS!”

Nevertheless, as reported here, these two black men blaze a trail in the very blue state of Connecticut:

Ed Ford Jr. and Tyrell Brown have been best friends since middle school.  They each developed a passion for politics at a young age.  During their senior year in high school they served as president and vice president of student government.

“I met him playing two hand touch football,” said Ford, referring to Brown.

Now, they’re 20-year-old juniors in college, who possibly just made history following Tuesday’s election.  They are believed to be the youngest black Republicans to ever win political office in deep blue Connecticut.

Ford won a seat on the Middletown school board, the same district where he attended public schools.  “When the results came in I was absolutely euphoric,” he remarked.

Brown was elected to the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission.  “When I found out I won I said okay, time to get to work.”

It’s just a beginning, but this is a big deal to have two young black Republicans win public office.

I often tell Conservatives to look for signs. Two black winning elections in a very blue state, and in city elections! Those are huge signs.

These two men will learn the ropes quickly. And what better teacher than President Trump. If these men watch President Trump, they will learn to be themselves, in spite of how “handlers” will want them to be.

Next, they will learn to take their responsibility seriously, and do not waver.

And finally, they will learn accountability; something sorely missed in politics these days.

Personally, I’d like to know more of their stories. Two black kids growing up in the amazingly Leftists towns, and yet they avoided The Dark Side of politics, and became Republicans. Further, what drove their interest in politics? It’s clear they share a passion for politics.

The article continues

Both freely admit some of their friends and family question if they are ready for rough and tumble Connecticut politics.

“If you have the will to do it, if you have the passion to do it, go do it now,” Ford said.

They also routinely get the side eye for belonging to the GOP.

I definitely love Christmas and Thanksgiving at my house because it always gets interesting,” Brown chuckled.

So in other words, they are odd men out at family gathers, as Democrats dominate.

I liken this to the men “coming out” Republican. The family accepts them, but they don’t necessarily like it.

One thing is for sure: these young men know the responsibility they have chosen. And unlike Leftists blacks, these two young men will be great emissaries of the black Conservative cause. They likely realize that how they comport themselves is how other black Republicans will be measured.

Ford and Brown will be sworn into office Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. at council chambers inside Middletown City Hall.


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