12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Up Los Angeles Middle School

12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Up Los Angeles Middle School

For Leftists who long for the Obama legacy, here you go.

Another school shooting. And this time the shooter is a 12-year-old girl. How about that Women’s Movement.

According to Fox News,

A young female student allegedly opened fire inside a classroom at a Los Angeles middle school Thursday, leaving four students wounded — including one in critical condition, police said.

The shooting suspect — who police confirmed is 12 years old — allegedly opened fire just before 9 a.m. inside Salvador B. Castro Middle School and was taken into custody. The student was not immediately identified, and a motive remains unclear.

Motives are unclear? I beg to differ.

You can bet this young girl was bullied or worse. In some schools, girls are sexually assaulted at her age.

So as for her motive, she was tired of being pushed around. Schools are supposed to be safe havens. However, these days they are far from it.

The article continues,

A female student, 15, was shot in the wrist and taken to the hospital in fair condition, and another student, a 15-year-old boy, was hit in the head and transported to a trauma center in critical but stable condition. Officials expect both teens to make a full recovery.

Police initially said three others who were wounded were not injured by the shooting. But two other children were grazed by bullets, and were treated and released.

You can bet Leftists already have the anti-gun talking points ready.

They won’t discuss the lack of safety in schools. Nor will they discuss the hooligans in our midst.

President Trump highlighted two young girls killed by MS13 gang members. These six gangbangers came to America as part of some Leftist refugee scheme. And now two promising young women died because of it.

America’s children face the gauntlet of America’s dangerous schools because of the policies of Leftists. Schools are microcosms of the very neighborhoods in which they reside. And those neighborhoods are war zones.

Leftists own academia. So they have no excuse for unsafe schools. They preach tolerance and anti-bullying, as schools grow worse in every category. Under Obama, things got far worse.

Under Obama there were 112 school shootings. To put this in perspective, during 8 years of Bush, there were 52 school shootings.

The Left won’t tell you that Obama more than doubled the number of school shootings as Bush. They simply blame guns.

Forget the underlying problem that schools have gotten steadily more dangerous, as Leftist policies have been implemented. And despite the rise in school violence across the board, the Left doubles down on their tactics.

Because of this insanity, President Trump has inherited 15 school shootings from Obama. The politicizing of Sandy Hook and others seems to have inspired other copycat shootings. And that’s what the Left wanted. They are willing to sacrifice children in order to get our guns.

Sadly, it will take some time for President Trump to address this issue sufficiently. Children are too far gone in Leftism and see violence as their only way out.

One thing I predict is school shootings will drop year after year during Trump’s 8 years.


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